Let It Bleed

So, YHC decided to run to Fortress today and everything is going awesome. Then, out of nowhere, the sidewalk reaches up, grabs me and throws me down. My leg is shredded; there’s a huge gash across me knee with blood flowing out.

By all accounts, probably should have gone straight to the ER for stitches and a blood transfusion but that wasn’t an option since YHC was Qing!

Instead, picked myself up off the sidewalk, determined not to let that concrete bully get the best of me, and continued my run to Fortress.

By the time YHC reached the Trinity Pres parking lot, my lower leg was covered in dried blood. It set the tone for the other Pax to let them know today was all Bizness!

The Thang
Start in Trinity Pres’ meat grinder of a parking lot with SSH & Copperhead Squats

Head down Montclair stopping at Chandler for Merkins & Flutter kicks

Continue to Rutledge and cross Randolph to Providence Baptist (shouldn’t it be Randolph Baptist?)

Stop in parking lot for Peter Parkers and Heels to Heaven

Mosey around back, all the way behind the chapel
(Reverse?) Jacob’s Ladder
Burpees/ run to the drop-off circle for pre-school

Go to field – line up next to the gazebo in the back
Partner up – size doesn’t matter
P1 runs to Randolph Rd
P2 does called exercise
Flap Jack
3 rounds: X-fit Merkins/ Squats/ LBC’s

Start journey back to AO the way we came

Stopping 3 times for exercises: Dolly/ Plank Jacks/ Rosalita

At Stop Sign next to Robin, on your belly
AYG to the parking lot

C-Rocket provided an update on F3 Expansion. In short, F3 is taking over the US.

Revolution going strong – Saturdays @ 7AM. Also, there is a 3-on-3 basketball tournament that F3 is supporting in connection to the F3 West Charlotte expansion. There’s a need for Pax to serve as team liaisons. If interested, check with Pipeline.

Midwood Site Q Gridlock put in a plug for tomorrow (ok so maybe YHC put him on the spot…) Anyways, Mr. Bo has the Q, 7AM @ Midwood Park. There is also the official 6@6 pre-run, 6AM from same location. Will say this every chance I get, Midwood rocks and if you haven’t posted there, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

Reminder that Fortitude on Tuesdays has moved temporarily to Walter G. Byers Elem while the Mens Shelter undergoes renovations.

Purposely stayed in the Trinity Pres parking lot for the first couple of exercises in case there were stragglers. And there were several. If Chocolate Box can show up several minutes before the 5:45 start time, then there’s no reason why others arrive during COP.

BTW – thanks CB of the take-out. Well done.

Didn’t expect to see GAAP this morning because he had been at the beach all week. In the past, GAAP has lead a Masters themed workout at Fortress during the famous golf tournament. YHC immediately asked GAAP if he wanted to take the Q today and lead his Masters beatdown but he declined. Yet, GAAP had no problem playing backseat Q to YHC by questioning my decision on the Jacobs Ladder to start with 7 Burpees and work our way down to 1.

To his credit, GAAP was the best at following directions, in fact he might just be the Fortress Pax of the Day! Then again, Coach put up another stellar performance with his gifts of mumble chatter and 10-counts.

Gridlock is becoming a Fortress regular – 3 weeks in a row! Only question now is when are you going to Q? http://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e054aa5aa2ba46-fortress/4470644

Credit to Spooky Jon for the BB title. See above the details behind the story.

Total mileage today right around 3.5 miles. Jacob’s Ladder took longer than anticipated. We still ended on time so all’s well that ends well.

Appreciate the Pax’s support today. Always an honor to Q this workout. Fortress is my 5:45 AM Friday morning home away from home.

Stay Strong Brothers!


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