I’m “Tired”

Round 1
Midwood 6@6 6:00am – 6.2 miles (8 pax)
Coach, Missing De, Gridlock, Permanti, Blue Jay, Dirt Devil, 20/20

The Route:
Mimosa to R on The Plaza.  R on Shamrock.  R on Eastway.  R on Central.  R on Club.  L on Belvedere.  R on Chambwood to the park.

Nice to see the crowd for 6@6 growing and getting to be a steady crowd.  20/20 even came out to see what all the fuss was about after winning some Palmetto 70 (or something to that effect).  Permanti, Blue Jay, and Dirt Devil are becoming regulars now that their Corp Cup Half is over, which they all crushed btw.

Coach paced the group this morning even though I kept tugging the reins #stubbornmule.  Goal this morning was to go in the opposite direction of the Mutha Ship.  We accomplished this.  But, little did YHC know we crossed paths with the convenience store, which has the most shootings in CLT.  We lived to tell the tale and maybe that’s why Coach kept the pedal to the medal.

Group made it back with 10mins to spare before the 2nd helping of Midwood.
Thanks Coach for taking us out.

Round 2
Midwood – 3.45 miles (10 pax)
Coach (DD), Missing De (DD), Gridlock (DD), Dirt Devil (DD), Vila, Juice, Tebow, Justice League, Phoenix

The Thang:
Short mozy to Mimosa/Thurmond Pl for warmup COP
-SSH IC x20
-Merkins IC x12
-Widearm IC x10
-Carolina Dry Docks IC x8

Run to Hawthorne Academy of Health Sciences track.  Wave to Slaughts on way by his crib.
Partner A runs a lap around track, Partner B flips tire across field until “A” relieves them.

-lbcs IC x50 while we wait for all to finish
-Run back to Belvedere/Thurmond Pl
-Bicycles IC x25
-Head back to the parking lot for COT

Nice and even 10 for the main course.  It didn’t take long before the bitchin and moaning started from some of the Double Downers (1st COP as a matter of fact).  Oh, my back, I’m clip boarding everyone’s form, nipple chaffing, it’s starting to rain, you name it, it was used by those couple F3 veterans this morning.

We eventually made it to the desired location and to my surprise, no one had stolen the tires that had mysteriously grown on the Hawthorne Academy field.  Perfect! We made use of those tires.  The goal was to flip the tires, but Coach and Missing De took to rolling theirs.  Not sure what part of the body rolling a tire works, but they worked it till failure as Missing De even left early he was so wore out.

Juice tried to help me understand Math this morning.  He even was trying color coding, but I had to let him know, it was too early and all my brain power was tapped after 6@6.  We were lucky I remembered the quickest way to the track.

Gridlock is a regular comedian if you didn’t know it.  He had his finest material working this morning.  Something about being “tired”.

Tebow, Juice, Vila, Justice League, and Phoenix all brought their A game today and silently went to work.  No complaints whatsoever (so if your doing the math and it’s better than mine, you might be able to narrow down the mumble chatter’ers).
Rain did us a favor and held off for the most part, which was nice.

Fortitude is temporarily moving is location while under renovation.  Where you ask?  IDK, but Gridlock knows.
Thanks to Coach, who took us out for a second time this morning (never get tired of that).

Mr. Bo

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