Only One Way To Find Out

Great day to get outside.  A little drizzly, maybe, but so what?  That didn’t stop 12 Charlotte Rescue Mission manly men from getting outdoors.

The agenda:

At the entrance of the CRM, 20 SSH, 10 merkins, 20 IWs, 20 mountain climbers, 15 copperhead squats.

We took off up the hill and across Cedar into the parking lot.  20 Sharon Towers while we regrouped.  I think we did one more thing before we kept going up the hill.

YHC had every intention to stop in the tunnel for people’s chair-based work, but a smell told us to keep on keeping on.

At the ramp railings, we stopped for 8 overhand supine pull ups, 10 incline merkins, 8 underhand supine pull ups, and 10 incline merkins.  Then keep going up.

We crossed the road and into the parking deck.  LBCs to regroup, followed by a nice straight, still plank.  Amid the mumble chatter, a voice (Vega) poked through pondering how many levels this parking deck has.  The answer is: only one way to find out.  Turns out there are only 3 or so if you take the long ramps.

We ran up the ramp stopping at each landing to do 10 merkins.  Then we ran back down to a flat spot where the deck was dry do to some Mary.  We did 20 polish twists, 20 REAL crunches, and 15 flutter kicks.

Next was a treat.  Last week it was the Angry Donkey.  This week was Jacob’s Ladder.  We did a Jacob’s Ladder in the deck, and a few of the guys noted how the burpees tend to add up.  “I don’t run very well after burpees”  I think that’s the idea.  T-claps to Vega who finished fast and assumed a rock-solid plank position while the rest finished.  That’s how you rest in F3!  That’s picking it up fast.

We moseyed down the parking deck and stopped at the exit for 20 curb dips.  It was getting late so we crossed the road, headed down past the rails and through Urine Tunnel to the parking lot.  20 sumo jump squats OYO.

From there it was really time to wrap it up so we ran back to COT.  Zoo Keeper hit 35mph running past the front of CRM.

For those back early, we did 20 shoulder presses with the chairs until everyone got back.


Great job by so many guys getting out on what some would consider a gloomy, soggy morning.  They found out that’s grade-A gloom that should never be wasted.

Congratulations to Zoo Keeper for getting married less than a week ago!  Many, MANY years of happiness brother.

Way to go Zoo Keeper and Vega for being the speed out there and pushing each other.  Great job by guys like Clay Pigeon and Pipeline for keeping yourselves going throughout!

Welcome to SIX new FNGs.  Guys are obviously talking about F3 in the program and that’s a wonderful thing.

See you all again next Saturday when Day-Z will be your cruise director.

Deer Tick

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