A Tour of Curly’s Courtyard

14 men started the week the right way this morning with a tour of the south side of Uptown.  Here’s what we did.


  • Bang a right out of the Dowd lot and head down South Blvd.  Continue down Caldwell, and hang a right on 3rd.
  • Stop at Marshall Park for 11s on the terraced, Grassy Knoll.  Sumo jump squats at the top and derkins at the bottom on the concrete wall.
  • Mary waiting on the 6.
  • Head down McDowell to the parking deck near McDowell and 4th.  Wind around the bottom of the deck and over to the long double ramp for 7s/Jacob’s Ladder.  Double jumping lunges at the top and burpees at the bottom.  Plankorama waiting on the 6.
  • Around the deck to the opposite stairs. Up to the top floor landing for 5 burpees OYO.
  • Down the stairs one level to the top parking deck for one round of 666, doing 6 hand release merkins at each stop.  Run across the deck, stopping at 3 light poles for the hand release merkins, then back across deck stopping at the 3 light poles for the hand release merkins.
  • Back down the stairs and hang a right up 4th street.
  • Left on Caldwell, stopping at the Nascar Hall of Fame fountain for the following.  20 dips IC, 10 dips IC, 10 derkins IC.
  • Head back down Caldwell and back to the Dowd lot for COT.

Naked Moleskin:

Too much material and not enough time.  That pretty much sums up YHC’s second time leading at PWW.  So many great spots to choose from Uptown, but attempted to pack in way too much.  Required an audible that was anything but flawless.  YHC hadn’t seen Dredd for a while until this morning.  Always good to see him, and he came out swinging this morning.  He thinks we should have had a picnic at Marshall Park, which is now known as “Curly’s Courtyard.”  The 11s were certainly no picnic, but that did eat up a big chunk of time after the 5 minute mosey from the Dowd.  TML and Thrust were out front cruising the entire time.  Unfortunately, Ice 9 got scraped up a bit on the terraced, Grassy Knoll.  He took a spill the last time he attended a Curly lead at Shark Tank.  Doesn’t ever seem to slow him down.  He just goes.

YHC did not explain the 7s/Jacob’s Ladder in enough detail.  We had quite a combo of things going on up and down the ramp, but everyone appeared  to enjoy it nonetheless.  The jumping lunges seemed to be the crowd favorite(oof!). Cindy, TML, and Thrust crushed it.

Had planned to head up to the Muthaship next for a few rounds after the parking deck, but not nearly enough time left.  The audible was a little rough in spots, but everyone pushed hard.  Stinger asked me a couple of times if I knew where I was.  I reassured him that I did, but he did not seem convinced.  We logged some decent mileage (4.3), most of which felt like it was uphill.  Dredd was also very excited to have 3 members of the Blue Man Group in attendance this morning, with TML and Hopwood both present.  He said we could be holograms of each other.  TML would apparently be a “Curlygram.”  Had every intention of hitting the Muthaship last this morning, but it wasn’t in the cards.  Hitting all those different spots requires a lot of mosey in between.  Duly noted by YHC for next time.

Billingsville tutoring starts back again this Wednesday at 4:30 if you can spare an hour.

Thanks to Black Bear for a strong takeout, reminding us how lucky we are to be able to get up each morning and have fun doing this crazy stuff.  Amen to that!

Thanks again for the keys Gandalf.

Always an honor.



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