Bandit BB 4/4

The Main event:

Head in towards the train, Lunges, backwards lunges (apparently really good for you), then mosey on over to the base of the stairs.

Partner up. 1 partner up the steps and around to the left on the first sidewalk, other partner 20 dips, 20 derkins, 20 lbc, repeat X3 (WIB was so terrible, Missing De, I had to do it again.. only Claven got to enjoy it on day 2).

Mosey over to the grassy knoll. AYG to the top, back down. 15 Merkins.

AYG to the top, back down, 20 Maktar Ndiaye

Bear Crawl to the top, back down, (something)

Backwards bear crawl as far as you can towards the top (apparently not very far for most of the pax).

Mosey over past the Dilworth Little League field to the base of the Lurker Backside. Up to the top, stopping at each speed bump and the top for 10 burpees.

Down the Lurker, stopping once for 10 more burpees, over to the Owl Bars.

3 sets of 10 pull-ups, 20 dips, 30 lbc’s

Back out towards the gravel lot, lunging a bit and burpee-ing a bit  (20 more)


Bandit’s a good crew these days. It’s got youth, ambition, the stalwarts, and some mosey-ers out for a morning yog. Paula may or may not find someone he knows in the park and stop to chat to them. Snots may or may not say a word. Redd Foxx may or may not share the story of his night, in which he undoubtedly slept too little and changed too many diapers on too many different bottoms. DIB will probably not share the story behind his name. that’s saved for Sparta on friday. Doobie may get mentioned even though he’s not there. All good stuff.

I’ve got a colleague who’s really into lunges. Says he does 1/4 mile of lunging each and every week, sometimes weighted. He claims it’s better for your body than running. Claims it will get your heart rate up faster. Says it takes him 15 minutes to go a 1/4 mile. That sounds excessive to me.

Missing De dealt a scorcher on Tuesday at WIB, I was pretty smoked for this one as a result. A good challenge to Q on days you’re not feeling tip top.

50th anniversary of MLK day. I found myself challenged by the idea that MLK was constantly swimming upstream. He was pushing too hard, too fast, too controversially. How do I stand and push for positive change in this world? What would flipping the script on the norms to achieve that end goal look like? What is that thing that we’re on the wrong side of history right now about because we’re unwilling to be controversial?

“The problem is far from solved”- MLK

Thanks for the keys, Foxxy. It’s a pleasure to join you gentlemen to play each morning. Thanks for pushing me and making me stronger that I ever would have been at this point in my life without you.

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  • April 10, 2018 at 8:09 am

    Great stuff CT. If I even get caught in a bind at the poker table, your blue steal steady demeanor is what I’ll need to get out of a jam.

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