Ear Plugs

On Sunday during the final Round of the Masters, I decided to get better. I looked at he Q sheet for DiamondHead and it was open. Why not get better and lead done. 13 others decided to join me for a proficient UvU beat down and some fantastic music….

The Thang:

Mosey to Field 20 SSH and 10 Imperial Walkers in Cannoli Cadence

20 Minutes of Failure: 15 Swings, 10 Goblet Squats, 5 Shoulder Presses each arm… Repeat to failure and run to the Mid-Line and bact to recover. Keep going until 20 Minutes are up.

Green Light/ Red Light: Min 1: 5 Swing, 5 Pull, 5 Thrusters, recover Min 2: 5 Lunge Right, 5 Luge Left, 5 Kettle Pushups Recover and repeat Min 1 (10 Cycles total 5/5)

Run End Line and Back

Green Light/Red Light 2: Min 1: 15 Lawn Mower Right, 15 Lawn Mower Left, Recover Min 2: 20 Polish Twist, 15 Bell Sit-ups, recover repeat Min1 (8 Cycles Total)



Not sure why YHC needed a Winkee for this one, but I believe it was just to show that there was a plan. The first 20 minutes were not all that enjoyable and I will feel it later today. The go to failuer thing is great, but you have to focus on form or you will get hurt.

The Red Light/ Green Light was also not fun and as you got further into the Tabata it became a challenge to get in our reps.

Van Winkle started the complaint about the 80s Mix after I bitched a couple weeks ago. Rev the Nanny jumped right in. He has raised his hand to watch my children in Cape Cod this summer. Titan is Back and getting stronger. YHC head locked Boomer to hit it this morning. Hitman was solid and loved the mix even though it was not just a single 45 min jam. Tesla talked about crap, Skoal Bandit was workmen like. STH is getting back at it with some consistency. Toga is getting younger and the rest of the PAX were just glad when the Music stopped.

If you did not get better today, you took off a rep or 5.

Play List for those that care: Africa/Toto, Every Breath You Take/Police,Billie Jean/MJ, Sweet Dreams/H&O, I wanna Dance with Somebody/Whitney, Don’t Stop Believing/Journey, Don’t Mind/Techno Multilingual, Broccoli/Dram, Run This Town/Jay Z, All of the lights/Kayne, Waiting All Night Rudimental, Can’t Hold Us/Macklemore

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