New Signage

9 men made their return from Spring Break at the Phoenix today.

The Agenda

From the pavilion, always the pavilion…

West on park to COP in the tennis courts lot:

  • SSH IC x 15
  • Merkins IC x 15
  • Squats IC x 10

West on Park to Southwood stopping for burpees at each street crossing and light rail crossing.  Increase said burpees by 2 at each stop.  That’s 110 burpees for those keeping track at home (we miss you too Reddd Foxxx).

Mary at Park and Southwood to gather the crew. Mosey up Southwood to Summit.

Suicide down Southwood with stops at Westwood, Park, and Kingston (turns out Summit ain’t just a clever name. oof!)

Mary to collect the crew

West down the hill on Summit to S. Mint, plank it up:

Merkins IC then AYG up Summit


Mosey east on Summit to the Trolley Museum, dips and derkins.

Back to the right side of the tracks, across Rennselaer to the DES playground.

3 Rounds of 10 pull-ups, 20 derkins, 30 dips (that’s too many dips, no audible).

Mosey to the Bob Johnson Memorial Not Quite Full Court

Half the Pax plank, other half sprints the full court and back. Switcheroo. X 5.

COT on the Buzz City logo.


Must not have been anything super important because I can’t for the life of me remember.

Pâté, recently returned from the motherland, with the takeout.

Nekkid Banter

I took the crew over to the hood so that they could see some good old fashioned gentrification at work with their own eyes.  Wilmore recently got branded with the historic street signs and even had some t-shirts made up with the same logo.  Pasta and Provisions is on the way and the corner of Mint and Summit will get two new restaurants and a “bodega”, as described below in the Charlotte Agenda:

Owners Holly Rodriguez and Minh Lai — who live in nearby Wilmore — named the place after their two rescue dogs, and it will have the laid-back vibe of a place you can bring your dog.
They plan to stock things like eggs and milk from local farmers, jellies, jams, chips, snacks, meats, cheeses, beer and wine. There will also be a bar with 12 beers and prosecco on tap.

Prosecco on tap! Get ready to roll up your jeans and get yourself a tight fitting Rasheed Wallace Trail Blazers jersey for the summer time!!!  About to be hipster central over here!!

Our War Daddy Doobie is back from Vero Beach and as worried as ever about his injuries.  I asked him if he tried resting.  He says, “yeah, I took like two days off…”.  Doob, that’s not rest.  If your calf is bothering you, take a week.  We need you for the big spring time push for Sparta to take over the world.

Dib was not at the Phoenix today, but he was at Sparta on Friday.  But none of you would know that because it seems the Q forgot to finish up his post workout duties #lookingatyouscreech.  If he had taken to the site, you might know of my shock and excitement when I found out that Dib’s name is an acronym for D*ck-In-A-Box!  Did everyone else know this?  Was I the only one in the dark?  Whatever. It’s an awesome name and I hope his children ask him all about it.

Pâté went all the way to Italy for spring break and didn’t mention a word about the macaroni. WTF man.

Nabisco rolled in right on cue at 5:29:30.  I would like to stage a competition between him and Stinger to see who could come closest to missing the most workouts.

Dover, where’s your brother? If I had a brother in the metro area I would be damn sure we posted every day together.  No exceptions. His name would be Thick Slice and we would be busting it wide open on the partner work. Speaking of my brother…

Mariah and family are trading in Charlotte for New Orleans.  I guess its hard to compete with the Show Me State. Mariah, my brother lives in NOLA. Headlock that man when you get there and name him Thick Slice.   The Phoenix crew is going to miss Mariah dearly, as well as the Sparta and Freedom Park contingency. There is a going away gathering being planned, but no firm dates yet. We only know it will be on a Thursday because that’s when they have the free Sushi lunch at Leather and Lace. Contact Redd Foxx to stay in the loop.

Either Screech or Sheep has the Q next week. Let’s hope it’s Sheep cause he writes a pretty darn good backblast.  Screech; maybe he can get it done when he puts pen to paper, maybe not. Impossible to know #notatallbitteraboutsparta.  Or it might be Girardi.  Gotta check the signup sheet.

Thanks for the keys Pâté. Love the AO, love the PAX. What an honor to lead.

Thin Slice




3 thoughts on “New Signage

  • April 10, 2018 at 9:47 am

    Strong lead Slice. Close to 5 years in & first time as War Daddy – need Bermuda to get back from Thailand. And where was Skyline?

  • April 10, 2018 at 2:34 pm

    And for the record, in order to be referred to as a bodega Holly & Minh’s new store must sell Bud tallboys.

  • April 10, 2018 at 9:54 pm

    D.I.B. easy to follow instructions:
    One – cut a hole in a box
    Two – put your junk in that box
    Three – make her open the box

    Easy as 1,2,3. Works every time.

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