Masters of the streets

everyone loves the masters – so why not a masters theme ?

so no circling up for any warm up today – straight through covered area of the church ( everyone thought We were gonna stop ) – out to colony to the first dead end on the right 15 ssh, then to the second dead end 14 merkins, then to the next one for 13 lbc, then to the next  one for 11 merkins — that ended all of the streets on the right.  After 3 cars past we could cross to the last left side street for 5 diamonds at the dead end area –  now we work our way back up the other to the long street –  we turned in and down about about a half mile to the cup de sac on the left –  so by now everyone is  realizing I am focused on the winners score under par – so we then did some running to 4 stops where we did 15x of 3 exercises then 14 then 13 then 11- then we excited for a long run to the last remaining street on that side of the street – home to the famous double t – but this time just another series of 4 stops with some running – 15, 14, 13, 11  — so we conquered all of the streets of that long section of colony – finally back to the covered area at the church 15x Durkins the 15x dips — we broke the pattern here cause the q did not have enough left so I went to 10x derkins and dips then 5x –  then back to the start with enough time for a little Mary then done –


A little chilly but only in the 40’s – good weather for a good workout-


announcement – consider making room on your prayer list for Jennings – 3yrs old waiting a bone marrow transplant- 2.0 of Carmel rd pax –  big day is expected to be April 19

takeout by hops-

thank you for the opportunity to lead,



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