SIB: Where are the new guys?

15 pax at SIB for hills.

SIB has the single most consistent pax of any workout that I attend – same guys showing up every week. A relatively large percentage must have 90%+ attendance records (bring a note if you are going to miss – no gold star otherwise). What we don’t see at SIB — FNGs (I hear that they prefer Ranger). I suppose that I understand it — SIB can be a rough place with lots of screaming and profanity; insults and arguments; possibly a fistfight. Or maybe that was just the week that I let Fishwrap Q? Is our workout that intimidating? What can we do to make it a more inviting place? Or maybe no one likes us and they think that SIB is just pathetic – now I am getting anxious and insecure!

You know what – let’s stop all this navel gazing and just run. Fast.

It’s what we do. Week in and week out. Get on board.

Today was hills. Warm up about 8 minutes.

Then 10-ish minutes running hard back and forth up and over Spackler’s hill. Rest for a minute (or less apparently) at the bottom on each side.

Jog down to Colony bridge on north side of school. Run hard uphill to the circle. Slow jog the circle. Run hard back downhill to bridge. Rest 30 seconds and repeat. Do this one for about 10 minutes.

Jog up to Normandy/Colony intersection. Hard uphill interval all the way to Selwyn (long).

Jog to Arcadia. Repeats up Arcadia (x7 ish?) then long jog back to AG via Selwyn and Runnymede.


Total of 6.8 miles on my watch. I imagine a couple of guys clicked 7+.

Everyone is back from spring break. No one has lost a step. Easy Rings rounding into spring shape – or possibly he got lift from Federalist. Cindy remains as reliable as ever – please don’t ever change. I’m declaring Hillary a SIB “regular” now – any future absences will be noted on your permanent record. If you don’t see your name here it doesn’t mean I don’t love you.

I’m out of time and semi-coherent thoughts. Needed to get this BB up after failing to post one the last two weeks.

Looking ahead: Next week is timed intervals/timed rest. Fewer hills, just as much hurt. You won’t get dropped but you might wish you did. (I’m all talk. Everyone is going to be fine. No worries.)

Further ahead: May has 5 Tuesdays. Need something fun for that extra SIB next month…



5 thoughts on “SIB: Where are the new guys?

  • April 10, 2018 at 5:46 pm

    Nash, what is the workout rotation at SIB? I should come more but am not a fan of sprints day. I would join you for hills and long intervals if I knew when they were coming. Is there a top secret Preblast or a regular schedule? CP

    • April 10, 2018 at 10:01 pm

      Check, all you need to remember is that Sprint day is the 4th Tuesday of the month. And if you ask nicely and throw in a story about how old men get hurt running 50m AYGs, Nash will occasionally take pity and skip the Sprints.

      Nash, weather in May is good for the SIB mile and progression run. You know I’m right.

  • April 11, 2018 at 10:17 am

    How about a guest speaker on the 5th Tuesday?

    Nash, I’m out next Tuesday. Wine country…

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