Without a doubt, Ranger remains the most notorious bootcamp #notforeveryone #OG #goodtrypromo . Well done Coal for holding up this status.  Sorry to those that missed the festivities, but here is your sound bite:

Merkins. Mosey to the abandoned Castle. Up the stairs, bear crawl the length and back down the stairs.  It was extremely unfortunate at this time to have Charlotte’s premiere developer and his new friend Sandals refusenik the rest of this workout #norespect

Mosey to the muthaMFship.  We did make a couple of merkin pitstops.

Up the muthaMFship spiral to level 4. Partner carry the stairs to level 12.

Partner wheelbarrow the length 4x. Down the stairs to level 1.

Spiral Suicide #wtf

Partner wheelbarrow the length 2x. Fistbumps.

Indian Run, kinda, back to the #And1 court for COT.

Great royalty crew to entertain this fine morning.  We have already talked about Easy and Sandals.  Speaking of talking, be sure to reach out to Shank about his bridge run 10k relay that he crushed.  He would love to tell you all that you need to know, maybe twice.  Team swifty was well represented along with their bad jokes, ben gay, ensure shakes and AARP patches.  Appreciate you old dudes, even angry Checkpoint.  Anger was trending out there; the emotion was beautiful to witness.   Bring that energy into the workplace and inspire someone today #whetstone.  Jury is still out on whether TM cheated the suicide, if some hit level 8 twice and if Sandals met us at the top.  Regardless, that was some bullsheeeit. Votes have been counted and my man Snoop takes MVP honors today, his SF took honorable mention just in front of Neal – thanks for taking us out bro, God is good.  Neal’s out next week, wine country… #clemtweets


5 thoughts on “Boss

  • April 11, 2018 at 12:16 pm

    That was a #classic metro workout. No welcome, no disclaimer, no warm hugs, no waiting on the late arrivals, no worries with dropping the #FNG in the first quarter mile, no looking back, no apologies. Just head to the #Mutha for an asswhoopin, and insult the elders as often as possible. If you want love, go elsewhere. If you want to get better, post. #NotForSnowflakes

    • April 11, 2018 at 1:27 pm

      Yo #8…that GrandStrand Marathon shuffle has really gone to your head. If there is another workout in Metro that drops FNG’s, I’m not aware of it. This workout paired with Nash’s new asswhuppin SIB is keeping Metro alive by a heartbeat. RIP #teamswifty.

  • April 11, 2018 at 2:01 pm

    someone please pass me the cabernet cause Ice 9 spilled all of the merlot.

    #rifty got a solid second place on MF suicide. Swamp, love all of the old man references above. Don’t forget the foam rollers. Love clicking the hate button above…

  • April 11, 2018 at 10:05 pm

    Pure #RAnGEr this morning. Total BS. Another solid SFox Q.

    I don’t think the dropped FNG was your fault: more like a DNP-Coaches Decision by EZ.

    P.S. Legit, no-cheat TM win at the MFMuthaShip. Check the tapes.

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