Spooky Jon vs Chester at Horsey McHorse Arse

Horsey McHorse Arse is getting a face lift (and upgrade) as Spooky John has agreed to be the site Q this year.   13 weeks of misery with tentative start date on Monday, June 4 but subject to change at Spooky Jon’s discretion.

As outgoing site Q, here is the list of top 10 goals I have given him:

  1. Top 5 finish for at least 1 BRR team that trains regularly at Horsey
  2. No hills the one day I post
  3. No sand bags the one day I post (that was just stupid Pro)
  4. Top the list of Q’s we had last year (it was damn good except for when YHC and Prohibition Q’d)
  5. Better BB’s (last year was pretty lame even if we had real runners to Q most workouts – hard to find runners that can post good BB’s)
  6. Find someone to take the Horsey trophy away from two time champ Fishwrap
  7. No repeat of Bratwurst Q when he took us down the Greenway (only time Metro and Area 51 split up – Metro was right)
  8. Beat the record of 44 PAX (set in Year 1 of Horsey)
  9. Chase down, kill, and eat a deer during COT (raw)
  10. Convince Chester to join the PAX one morning (running – make sure everyone has a partner other than Chester)

Should be aweful

One thought on “Spooky Jon vs Chester at Horsey McHorse Arse

  • April 12, 2018 at 11:27 am

    What is there to hate about this BB? Did Chester get a login? Is Chester really Cindy?

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