Lawdy, Lawdy let’s do 40 (a bunch of times)

Here we go…

The Thang:

Run into parking lot for warm up: SSH x20, Mountain Climbers x15, Imperial Walkers x2

Mosey over to the Owl Bars to start our 14 sets of 40 reps of the following, with running thrown in:

  • At Panthers: 40 Merkins/40 Pull-ups
  • At top of lurker: Partner sit-ups/Lunges
  • At Princeton Street playground: Burpees/Knees to Elbows
  • At Stairway to Heaven: Dips/Squats
  • Loop around: Step ups/Oblique crunch
  • To big blue playground: Diamonds/LBC
  • Ending with Derkins/Heels to Heaven

Bear crawl on way home.


Nekkid ramblings:

You know it’s been too long since you’ve Q’d a workout when you don’t sleep well the night before and have nightmares of snoozing right through your alarm…I also had this weird dream where I was trying to lead the group around Freedom Park while carrying our 1 yr old and pushing a stroller, and there were like 3 other clipboard workouts trying to use the Stairway to Heaven and Lurker. It was super crowded and I lost control of the group.  What the hell, doc? Am I going crazy? Do I have too many kids? Probably Yes.  Luckily when I showed up at the gravel lot I’d remembered to leave our baby at home and it was only friendly F3 faces waiting for me. We had the park to ourselves.


Great group of dudes out there this morning, with the predictable whining and good-natured ribbing about doing 40 pull-ups right out of the gate.  The 40 burpees were a real crowd-pleaser too.  Well you know what, turning 40 aint fun either. So suck it up and do your burpees, right?  We didn’t cover much ground, but we got a lot of full-body action in.  One thing that I am particularly surprised and proud of is soliciting a “I’m cramping up” out of Nash.  Yes, you read that right.  Mariah got Nash to cramp up.  Boom!  He said it was menstrual, but I’ll take what I can get.


Hear ye, hear ye:

Here is the link to donate (or participate) in the MDA Muscle Walk on 4/27/2018.

Nash’s teenage daughter is organizing a team to support her little brother, Owen, (wonders never cease):


I am heading downrange for a spell, Boys.  Moving the family down to New Orleans this June to start a new adventure in the Big Easy.  I’ll miss you all but the good news is they have a solid F3 community, and I’m gonna EH Thin Slice’s brother, and now you have yet another reason to come visit.  The other good news is that we’re organizing an axe-throwing, beer drinking send-off on May 18th.  More to come on that…


Thanks for the keys, Redd Foxx and for coming out on your paternity vacation.  Glad I could give you 40 more burpees towards your annual target.

Much love,

~ Mariah

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