Tebow, like the baseball player

The Thang

Mosey up Crosby toward Sharon Amity. Head into Providence Methodist parking, run around the church with various dynamic stretches mixed in…

High knees
Butt kicks
High knees
Butt kicks
Karaoke (L & R)

Circle up for COT

SSH x 30
Merkins x 5
Peter Parker x 10
Parker Peter x 10
Squat x 10

Line up and scale the stairs, bear crawl across the balcony, run down. Rinse and repeat 5x. Stay tight!

Mosey to the side of the church. Partner up, sans size and speed.

Partner 1 runs around the church, deja vous stairs + bear crawls, continue to wall for 10 donkey kicks, and back.

Partner 2 enage in various planks.

Flapjack til each man goes 3x

Break with Mary

Mosey to other side of church for acending squats of 5 set increments. 6 light poles = 30 squats.

Turn left down Ferncliff/Knollwood and stop at bottom of the hill.

Belly Sprint to top of hill while dodging sweet old lady, her small dog, and a random car.

Jailbreak back to AO


Big group! Only knew about 3 or 4 of you. Welcome to Sunshine, my grand son-headlock who normally treks around A51. Thanks for the support! At end of the acending squats, I glanced at my watch and saw that we were .5 mile away from a 5k. That explains our trek down Knollwood with 5 minutes left. Consequently, we ran 3+ minutes over. Sorry about that! Thanks for the opportunity to lead at one of the best AOs in Metro. Until next time!

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