38 special

No, not the band. I would never subject the Pax to a noise as awful as that.

No, not the gun either. If you are going to own a gun, own a real gun. I’ll get back to the 38 later.

5:15 – Lee and I head out for a shake out thru the neighborhood behind St. Gabes, stopping at each streetlight for 5 merkins. Continue across Providence down Westbury stopping for 5 squats at each light. Back down Westbury to St. Gabes in time for 1 minutes rest. 1.50 miles.

5:30 – Gather the remaining 16 Pax and take off up the St. Gabes hill for a lap all the way around the church, gathering back in the lot for COP.

SSH x 38, Mountain Climber x 38, Peter Parker x 20, Parker Peter x 20.

Mosey down to the bottom of the St. Gabes hill for the start of the following:   backwards run up the hill > 15 dips at the rails > over to the stairs & down > 15 LBC’s at the bottom > continue thru the upper St. Gabes lot to bottom by the basketball goals for Merkins x 15. Do 8 rounds of that (3 exercises per lap x 8 laps, 120 reps of each).

Gather by the basketball goals when done for some mary to collect the 6. Mosey up to the top of the hill to the rails for 11’s of dips & derkins, then back down the hill to the base, finishing with two AYG (left) sprints up the hill. Gather back @ the flag.

Notes & real talk:

The 38 theme of the day was a nod to my brother, who passed away last October at the age of 37. Thursday, 4/12, would have been his 38th birthday. I knew I wanted to Q on his bday, but didn’t want to overdo it with the theme. 8 rounds of anything are enough to tire someone out, so hoping that was the case here. If not, you can always count on a few sprints up the hill to finish off the Pax. Thanks to Lee for joining me @ E.C. Good to get in a little extra work.

So the last 6 months has been rough….not a place I ever expected to be in, especially with my brother. If I have learned anything during this time, it’s that life is even more fragile than I already thought it was and all that petty clutter that somehow manages to insert itself into our lives, despite best efforts, is even more pointless than I already knew it was. I expect and hope that his death will change me in some way, hopefully for the better in those ways that I am now astray. But regardless of what happens going forward, in the here & now, it has served to pull me closer to those that I love and has enabled me to “feel the love” more from those that have reached out to me. I can’t even begin to count the Pax that have checked in with love & support, and continue to do so. I don’t really want or need that attention, and am in fact somewhat embarrassed by it, but I appreciate it and I want to make sure I can be that person to those that need it from me. So anyway, just a reminder….make sure you can be “that” person to someone else…..family, wife, kids, friends….even a total stranger. We could stand to have a lot more of that in this world.

Rest in peace, Bish. And happy birthday.

Many thanks to Newport for the thoughtful takeout. Until next time.

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