Late Arrivals and Sailing

Gandalf was supposed to be the leprechaun and Tormund my pony. Neither one showed so I was stuck with just regular guys. Just 14 wonderful regular guys. And we crushed it. Stinger was there so you know it was humble.


EC –

Run to the hill. Up 4 times (2 of them backwards) with 5 burpees at top and 15 SJSs at the bottom.

Regular –

COP – Windmills, Squat Thrust (old school).

Run to the Scot/Kennilworth pie. Partner up.

To the first street, meet, 10 partner derkins, down opposite sides, 20 partner sit-ups each. Repeato with the second street, thirst street, and East Blvd.

Back to the clock tower.

Dips, derkins, jump-ups. 2 rounds.

Partner carry to first fountain, wheelbarrow to stonehenge, partner carry to big fountain.

More dips/derkins/jump-ups.

Partner carry to the shack, run home.

COT at precisely 6:15, damn I’m good.


Now that Hillary was actually at one of my workouts I don’t know what to write about him. I can say this, the three #respects were just about the fastest guys there. Hillary included.

Somehow Stinger miraculously appeared during EC. Said he heard Dredd’s voice from afar #nodoubt. And then Claven and Shortstop somehow found us at the Pie parking lot. I have no idea how #nicework

Speaking of Dredd, he was \rattling on about Navy guys, and sailing, and real sailors needing engines. I was his partner and was therefore on the opposite side of the Scott/Kennilworth circuits. Whatever he was talking about seemed to get Checkpoint worked up. And that is no small task.

Big thanks to Curly, who is now the exclusive Sharktank site Q, for having me out this morning. We somehow got in about 5 miles today #standard. Please do come out in the future.

Until next time. 

Your friend,


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