Rosa Parks

“Ah ha, hush that fuss
Everybody move to the back of the bus
Do you want to bump and slump with us
We the type of people make the club get crunk”

Shit…I love that song.  2nd best rap group ever.  With the 1st without a doubt being N.W.A.  Tribe Called Quest is 3rd.  No questions asked.  After accepting a gentlemen’s agreement and large amount of money, Narc convinced me to to come back to what once was one of the premier workouts in Metro.  #RIPFranklin  Here is what we did to make the club get crunked once again:

Partner chase farmer carry 1 mile loop to the entrance of BeckyWorth with 5 burpees every time you catch your partner.  That sucks every time.  Unless you pair up with Neal and his 14lb bell.  #smartQ

Rack bells and head over to the other side of the school to Euclid.  We were there for a while…

For 7 rounds, we did every possible KB exercise I know of 10x at the top of Euclid, then busted ass to the bottom of Euclid to the Rosa Parks bus stop.  We then proceeded to do every form of merkin I know of 10x before heading back to the top of Euclid.  Alternating per Scott’s request between forwards and backwards.  That took 30 minutes.

Partner chase farmer carry back home the long ways with 5 burpess ever time you caught your partner.  This time Hillary had to bail to meet with his Nantucket Excursion Planning Team for 2018 so I got stuck with Sting and his Whetstone 75lb bell.  Screw that.  6:15.  Once Boomer got his old ass to the finish line.  3.5 miles #combineclinic

True Tales from the Bus Stop:

SiteQ Narc looked pretty fresh out there sporting his Tonya Harding leggings.  You have my permission to come to other workouts during the week.  For starters, next week try PWW, SIB, Ranger, Mutha6, and then Combine.  Tormund at least tries to.  #tries Time to take the training wheels off young boy.  And stop going to Promo.  Kickin’ has no idea what is going on.  #leakyroof

KY sure bolted out of there.  Must have an had an early appointment with Pitino at the Men’s Club.  #innocent

Curly has not figured out yet who the second vice president is at his money institution.

First time seeing Tubbs.  Homeslice is almost as big as I am.  Keep lifting bro.

‘Kraut and Foreclosure with workman like efforts out there.  Meaning they didn’t say one word.  Can I just get “your an asshole” next time?  Thanks.

You’re Welcome Narc.  Good work trying to rescue the Nancy Drew Titanic.  Hit me up again in ’19.  Or at the Bus Stop.




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