I stole my coach’s punishment and Rev’s music

Solid outing at Revolution. 10 pax (including 2 FNGs) showed up for a beatdown at Charlotte’s best AO. The shocking thing for me was finding appropriate music…so I looked up the Rev. Flo Rida and found he has HUNDREDS of playlists on Spotify. It’s pretty insane that he makes a new playlist for what appears to be EVERY Q he has.

The thang:

Warmup (SSH, Merkin, IW, Copperhead)

Mosey to goal line and partner up for an old punishment my coaches would give us after football practice when we got int trouble during school: CHINESE JUMPING JACKS. Now, I have no idea where the Chinese comes from, but this sucks: Hands behind your head like an IW, bend legs into a partial squat and then broad jump.

  • Partner 1 – Chinese Jumping Jacks for 10 yards
  • Partner 2 – AMRAP of Merkins
  • Flip flop every 10 yards. Do this across the field.


10 count and form up on the goal line for another form of football punishment: Sprints

  • Partner 1 – Runs 10 yards and back
  • Partner 2 – Does called exercise until Partner 1 returns.
  • Flip flop and then do this all the way down the field….10 yards, 20 yards…..100 yards


Meet in the middle for yet another form of football punishment: 4 Corners

Luckily we didn’t time this like we did back in the day. Because I’m pretty sure, like back then, YHC would have been blindsided when I missed the required time and the whole team’s rep didn’t count.

As you complete each of the corners, mosey to mid-field for 5 burpees.

  • Corner 1: 20 step ups on the wall
  • Corner 2: 20 full situps
  • Corner 3: 20 jump squats
  • Corner 4: 20 incline merkins on the other wall

Last but not least, my favorite: BLIMPS.

New partners, find someone who is going to challenge you to do more reps.

Partner 1 does exercise while Partner 2 runs to top of Barringer Hill. Upon return, flap jack and continue doing exercise. Each partners reps add up to meet the requirements:

  • Burpees – 50
  • Lunges (single count) – 100
  • Imperial Walkers – 100
  • Merkins – 100
  • Plank Jack – 100
  • Squat – 100

Captain Thor (pulled the plug after 5-6 rounds and the Pax was wiped)

Group led Mary to finish off the last 3 or so minutes (Thanks GAAP for calling Burpees to end it).


  • REVOLUTION SHIRTS ARE COMING. We’ve got a design picked and Mudgear is in the process of getting a batch ordered to be given to FNGs. Stay tuned for details on a pre-order for the rest of us.
  • Dream Center and King’s Kitchen are putting on a community basketball tournament in Reid Park. F3 has been unofficially tapped to fill the role of Team Liaison – more are needed. Pax will be assigned to a team and be with them through the tournament and helping with encouragement, motivation, EHing and 3rd F support. See Pipeline if you’re interested.
  • BBQ with QC Family Tree (http://qcfamilytree.org/) Friday, April 20. F3’s Sparty is providing the BBQ, F3 volunteers are needed to serve food. See Curly if you’re interested.
  • More Qs are needed: I’m not creative enough to come up with something new each time. And you don’t want me to ask Rev or Tesla to come lead it. Sign up for a Q (or share one with someone else):

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