The best thing about CORE is…

The best thing about CORE is….

  • No running?
  • We use kettle bells?
  • It lasts (only) an hour?
  • We count really well?
  • Q’s get vindictive with unruly Pax?
  • All of the above?

9 of CORE’s finest started out on a beautiful morning full of hope and good cheer.  This lasted for just a few brief moments and then the beat down commenced.

Here’s what we did

Standard opening SSH, IW, ST followed by Alternating Merkins with stretches

Mosey to the Ball Field for KB Suicides. They were supposed to be partner assisted suicides but we had an odd number of Pax and YHQ had to modify

  • Round 1: Run to first cone and back, then second cone and back, the perform 10 reps of the called exercise (S.H.U.T.U.P.S.) exercises, rinse and repeat until all 7 exercises completed
  • Round 2: One person runs suicides while the rest of the Pax performs the called exercise (S.H.U.T.U.P.S.S.S.). We had 9  Pax at the time so we added 2 extra S’s on the end.

We then counted off by 3 before we moseyed to the parking deck in single file while performing KB presses.   At the parking deck we completed a Partner Assisted Suicides with P1 running to the top of the stairs while P2 performed Lunge-a-Rama with bells (Round 1 was front to back; Round 2 was front with twist and Round 3 was back with twist).

We then moseyed to Picnic Tables double time while performing KB presses. At Picnic table completed a three part Plank-A-Rama: Plank while Pax counted off from 1 to 150, then Peter Parker-Parker Peter-Pickle Pounder mashup 10 X, and finally the Plank Destroyer second count off / PP,PP,PP / Plank Destroyer (follow the link to look it up). All exercises were completed with Verve and Panache (ask Peppers about the pronunciation) especially the Pickle Pounders.

In between rounds of planks we did 10 STEP UPS (high knee, high knee + high hands, dynamic) to keep our legs in great shape (swim suit season is almost here after all!)

We then moseyed to the wall in the playground for a people’s chair where the Pax counted off from 1 – 121.  I must say that the counting skills of this particular Pax left a lot to be desired.

We then circled up in the parking lot for one more round of SHUTUPS.  The original count was 10 reps but when certain Pax (you know who you are Peppers) became too rambunctious for YHC, we raised the count to 11, then 12 and finally 13.

Mary consisted of 20 KBCs, 15 Rosilita’s, 10 Louganis with bell, 10 Knee Ups, 10 Russian Twists and 11 Twisted Knee (Knee Ups with a double-sided twist with bell). We did 11 rather than 10 due to a certain member of the Pax getting a little too mouthy (again).

Highlight of the day was learning how Rocket Man secures his KB in the back of his SUV. Check out the inserted pic.  You know COFFETERIA conversation is waning when we brought this back up for further discussion. Where is Little W when you need him?


  • Announcements:  Teal Diva run on 4/28.
  • Hoe Down took us out. He let us know (jokingly) that he might as well since he has already done everything else



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