Welcome to the Gun Show

9 of us met in the Gloom (actually, it was a beautiful day) on Saturday in Midwood Park.  I had hyped this one up pretty big in the pre-blast on Friday so I had a lot to live up to.  Will let the Pax determine whether or not the workout lived up to the hype, but I enjoyed it and I was sore, so…


The Thang

Mosey from the parking lot to the basketball court.

COP – SSH x 20 (IC), merkins x 15 (IC), Imperial Walkers x 15 (IC), burpees x 10 (OYO)

Mosey around the ‘hood with some exercises at the intersections.  Left the park along Chambwood.  15 plankjacks (IC) at the corner of Chambwood and Belvedered.  Mosey to 6 points intersection on Belvedere for 15 widearms (IC). Mosey to corner of Belvedere and Plaza for 15 dips (IC).  Mosey to church at the corner of Mecklenburg and Plaza for 10 balls to the wall presses (IC).  Mosey to back entrance of the park on Mecklenburg.

Stop at back entrance to the park for a torturous series of exercises.  All in cadence:

15 dips, 10 derkins, 15 incline merkins

10 dips, 7 derkins, 10 incline merkins

5 dips, 5 derkins, 5 incline merkins

Mosey to the basketball court.  Get in plank position and stay there for duration of 15 Peter Parkers (IC), 15 John Travoltas (IC, right arm down), 15 Parker Peters (IC), 8 John Travoltas (IC, left arm down.  YHC fell off his arm prompting an early Recover call).

Mosey to jungle gym and partner up for 3 exercises – 25 pullups, 50 merkins, 100 LBCs.  Partner A starts the exercises while Partner B runs to the porta potty on Wilhelmina and back.  Partner B picks up wherever Partner A left off and repeat until all exercises are completed.

Mosey to the stage.  7s – squats on the stage, squats up top.  Do it.

Indian run around Chambood/Tippah block to side entrance of park by the tennis court and up to the basketball court for some Mary.

Mary consisted of Freddy Mercury, LBC, Dolly, Russian Twist/American Hammer.



The Imperial Walkers in COP were done in appreciation for Megabus pulling into the station on time this week.  Had to show our gratitude with his favorite workout!

YHC had participated in the 6@6 run led by Mr. Bo so my legs were gassed.  Hence the focus on upper body in the 7am workout.

Mr. Bo’s run route this week was awesome!  We cruised the hills of Villa Heights into Cordelia Park, then ran the greenway to 12th street, up to Central, passed the people camped out waiting for new shoes on the Central strip, down to Morningside/Truman to Belvedere to Chambwood.

I was very impressed with the Pax today.  And grateful they didn’t give me too much heat for falling off of my arm during the second round of John Travoltas!  Thanks, guys!

Toolbelt wrapped things up with a great takeout – positive and encouraging – thank you, Toolbelt.

Announcements – Fortitude is temporarily relocating to Walter G Byers Elementary while the Men’s Shelter is undergoing renovation.  Awesome AO, google map it and come out!

We need Q’s at Midwood!  Email Gridlock (daviddward1@gmail.com) to sign up.

Extra special thanks to Tebow for stepping up to Q this coming weekend.  This guy is a Q machine – Atlas last week and Big Hair Monday and Midwood this week.  You da man!

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