Pass the biscuits please

Was it something I said?  Only 7 at DH this morning, about half the usual crowd.  Maybe Ribs and Nibs we’re treating everyone to Hardee biscuits this morning and we didn’t get the invite.  Wouldn’t have mattered.  To Rev, F3 is better than eating.  And Titan would have surely declined the invite as he cruises through the workout, looking like he was never away from F3 after an extended absence.  Skoal would have asked If his biscuit could be delivered after the workout.  Tesla is just always at DH no matter what.  I think he might even turn down a visit to the White House if it were on a Monday morning.  Big Worm would have probably expended more calories if he had joined the diners at Hardee’s this morning. He didn’t even break a sweat during the workout.  And Wahoo never ever passes up an opportunity to swing a kettlebell.  He brings two bells.  Most exercises he uses both.

So, here’s what the outcasts did today.

Mosey with bells to back of endzone.  Warm up with SSH, IW and MC.

Round 1: Four exercises – 20 swings, 10 presses each arm, 10 goblet squats, and 10 thruster rows.  RxR four times.

Drop bells to rest arms.  SSH x 40.

Round 2: Next four – 5 woodchops each side, 10 tricep press, 5 rack squats each arm, 10 thruster press. RxR four times.

Run to the pit at other end zone for ab work: dolly, sit ups, protractor and dieing cockroach.  Run back to bells.

Round 3: 8 kneeling presses each arm, 8 side-to-side stagger merkins, 8 squat rows, 16 kb plank jacks.  RxR four times.

Enough time left for 41 SSH.


Teal Diva coming up in less than two weeks.  You’ll regret it if you’re not there.  So be there.  You’ll be glad you did.

Rev with the parting message – always lifts my spirits.

Great morning at DH.  Even without biscuits.


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