#Qoulette at Mustang

9 men did some stuff at Mustang.  Here’s what we did:

Mosey to base of Colony by the cross-country trails, 5 diamonds at each speed bump and intersection up.  Mary whilst we wait.

Mosey to Brandywine, 10 merkins at each speed bump and intersection down.  AYG to the top!  Plank whilst we wait.

Mosey to Tranquil, 15 wide arms at each speed bump and intersection down.  AYG to the top!  Mary whilst we wait.

Mosey to Arcadia.  Jacob’s Ladder, Classic Edition, with backwards run up on even trips (2nd, 4th and 6th).  #OkayNotClassic  Mary whilst we wait.

Down Colony, 10 sumo squats (jumps for EC) at each speed bump and intersection down.

Dips/derkins at MPHS entrance.  AYG up backside of Spacklers!  (Or is that the front side?)

Down Colony, 12 shoulder-tap merkins at each speed bump and intersection down to bottom.  #oof  Mary whilst we wait.

AYG up front side of Spacklers!  (Or is that the back?)

Back to MPHS entrance.  11s, dips/derkins.  #doubleoof  AYG to home base.

10 burpees


Naked Moleskin:

Mystery Q at MustangAnother Saturday, another Q crapshoot.  #Qoulette  Who’s gonna take it?  Oh Shiite, there’s Swamp getting out of his car…is it his?  Nope, and no one else seems to be looking at his watch.  RW thinks it’s open.  “The first exercise is, ‘Name the Q.’  Anybody?  Nope?  Allllllllrighty, let’s get this going … ahem, before Swamp takes this over.”  If only there was some way to schedule Qs ahead of time.  Hopefully, technology will catch up to our needs at some point…

I was actually a little worried that Mustang might be dead when I first arrived at 6:53 to exactly no one.  But slowly and surely the Pax trickled in and we had ourselves a solid Pax by 7:00.

Solid.  Nothing too fancy (’cept maybe the box-cutters) for our 4.5 miles of fun (3 of which were in the first 30 minutes) with a bunch of push-ups, shoulder work, AYG hill work, etc.  #sucktastic  Two highlights of my morning were hearing Dib’s question, and Swamp’s response, if a random mom and her daughter running down Colony (to presumably SAT testing starting) were Swamp’s (definite no) #HadToBeThere, and Dib thanking me for the workout on the way to his car (explaining how much he hated it during the workout but loving it afterwards).

CobainsSorry, I couldn’t give the Pax any Baryshnikovs during our trip:  I’ll make sure to rectify that next time.  Their absence couldn’t spoil a perfect morning at one of Metro’s finest AOs though.

Shameless Plugs.  None that I can remember.  [insert your plug here]

Solid crew out there pushing themselves and putting in the work.  I was honored to Q-jack the festivities.


“The pessimist complains about the wind.  The optimist expects it to change.  The leader adjusts the sails.”  John Maxwell



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