Quality, not Quantity

There were handouts to lend the pretense of authority to the workout.

The goal was to run 6 600 repeats at your current mile pace.  Start a 600 every 5 minutes. Walk/jog between repeats.

Spooky Jon out front running a nice even pace chased by Doherty. Everyone working hard.

We did one 400 AYG then finished up with some Mary and Single Leg work:

  • Flutter
  • Romanian Karate Kid Deadlifts (Spooky led) Off Leg, Dominant Leg, Off Leg
  • Single Leg Squat L, R
  • Six Inch Toe Tappers
  • Elbow Plank Hold

That’s it, short and sweet. I think Spooky or Day-Z took us out, apologies.

SIBling is going great, guys coming out every week to put the work in, recover, and get faster. Come on out soon if you haven’t, enjoy some fellowship and newb gainz.

Thanks to Sump, Deer Tick, Girardi and OBT. Happy for the opportunity to Q just 1 week after no-showing, no-calling on my scheduled Q – some unforeseen circumstances put me out of action and incommunicado.

Always an honor to lead.


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