Sandals Required

[Posted on behalf of Black Bear]

What a great morning with only a little bit of complaining.  Cindy wanted the Mothership so badly last week, I wanted to oblige him.  Mugsy said we should go the First Ward for pull ups, so we did.  Without Mugs, unfortunately.  Missed you, big guy.


  • Left Dowd and ran to First Baptist.  Stopped for 20 merkins
  • Ran to First Ward Elementary for 3 rounds of 3 stations.
    • Station 1: 30 derkins,
    • Station 2: max pullups
    • Station 3: max pullups
  • Ran back to the top of the Mothership
  • Plank and elbow, elbow, palm, palm…what are they called, Jack McGraws?
  • Ran to bottom of stairs, ran up stairs
  • Ran down Mothership, run up Mothership
  • Plank and elbow, elbow, palm, palm.
  • Ran back to Dowd.


We wrapped up at 6:18.  Thanks for the three minutes extra.  Thanks to Hil for the take out.  Thanks for the privilege of being able to be an FNG Q for PWW.

-Black Bear

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