Camden Brings Out The Best In All Of Us.

Certain Things bring out the best in people. Like when college scouts are in attendance at a high school football game. Or your favorite college professor comes to watch you give a talk at work.  Or, when the descendant of one of the founders of Camden SC attends a workout where you are Q.

In the deepness of the gloom, a familiar black pick-em-up truck approached me as I was making a last second confirmation of the AO.  Ah…. it was Kickin Chickin.  Kickin’s great great great grandfather founded Camden in 1786.  He was called “Brewster Rooster” for his affection of wings and his ability to produce his own beer.   He also invented  the bb gun.  Unfortunately, it had to be loaded like a musket, and thus was not embraced by young children as much as he  the Red Ryder was in later years.

And so, with such honored guests in attendance, we commenced the beat down.


COP: The standard. In light of the fact that Camden was the standard for horse shoes throughout the 1st quarter of the 19th century.  Interestingly enough, Francois Adidas was a resident of Camden, and later used the Camden Horseshoe as the model for his sneaker empire.

Mosey to steep hill. Camden only has ant hills, so it was a struggle for many of Camden’s finest to journey any further west than Chester due to the inability to go quickly uphill.  we did partner work for awhile by doing B.L.I.M.P.S while one partner ran backward up the steep hill and the other did burpees, lunges, imperial walkers, merkins, plank jacks and squats.

The citizens of Camden never abbreviate anything. For this reason,  the y don’t have  a SWAT team, nor do they ever write U.S.  They take awhile to say things, and court room proceedings are elongated.

Then we went to the playground and did 11’s with Bulgarian split squats and deep slow squats.  Camden once had the most Bulgarians in the U.S.  It was in 1787, and it was only 3.  But, it was more than anywhere else.

They all died.

Then we did partner squats while one partner did decline planks.   Camden was the sight of the first making of a squat.  It involved taking off your pants, so it never really caught on until shorts were created in 1876.

Then we did 11’s with mike Tyson’s and Tijuana dreamers.

When Kickin Chicken was in high school, he worked at taco bell.

Then we moseyed back, and did 10 burpees.

This was the only time Kickin complained.  That’s because complaining  is illegal in Camden and he never did it till he got to Charlotte.

NMM:  2 FNG’s !!  The Partridge Family aka David Cassidy. That was an easy one.    Card Catalog  could not name a favorite movie, so I assume he hung out at the library a lot.

Great AO . I know it won’t last, but while it does, you should  get there.


Other things you should know about Camden:

  1. It was founded in a swamp.
  2. It was originally called Fredericksburg.
  3. From 1880 till 1930 it was a resort destination for northerners with big money.
  4. There was one Jewish family in Camden and Kickin once worked for them.  They owned a pawn shop.


I have a lot more to say but I am too sleepy.  I will call you tomorrow.

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