Fool(s) on the Hill(s)

11 courageous fools decided to get in some nasty hill circuits this morning.  It was certainly not pleasant, but everyone most likely got better this morning by doing it.  Here’s what we did.


  • Run straight into the park, past the owl bars (sorry Doobie, no pull-ups today), and stop at the bottom of the Lurker.
  • 10 merkins and 10 sumo jump squats.
  • Run to the top of the Lurker.  10 burpees and 10 double count flutters.
  • Run to the bottom of Mega Tool.  10 merkins and 10 sumo jump squats.
  • Hang a right on Princeton and stop at the bottom of Idlewood.  10 merkins and 10 sumo jump squats.
  • Run to the top of Idlewood.  10 burpees and 10 double count flutters.
  • Run to the bottom of Idlewood.  10 merkins and 10 sumo jump squats.
  • Take Princeton back to Mega Tool and reverse the loop, performing 10 merkins and 10 sumo jump squats at the bottom of all hills, and 10 burpees and 10 double count flutters at the top of all hills.
  • Rinse and Repeat until 6:06.

Naked Moleskin:

After reading the Preblast yesterday, Chair Thrower thought YHC should just post a copy of the Preblast directly on the Dilworth Next Door network as a means of forewarning to the angry group of ladies that we have somehow offended a couple of times.  We certainly spent plenty of time this morning revisiting the scene of our previous crimes.  Not aware of any new offenses from this morning at this point, although the circuit itself was pretty offensive and awful.  Not sure which hill is the worst, but Idlewood is certainly a nice compliment(#sarcasm) to The Lurker and Mega Tool.  It appeared that most of the group completed at least 2 full circuits, although things were pretty spread out, so that could be off the mark.  It certainly resulted in a boatload of merkins, sumos, burpees, and flutters, to sprinkle on top of a little hill work(oof!).  No breaks for Mary today.  Somewhere between 4 and 5 miles of suckiness for all.

Lee toyed with YHC and Nabisco this morning, as he let us hang with him through about half of the first round.  From there, we could only see his flashing orb in the distance.  Pretty sure he levitated a few times.  Not long after that, Nabisco decided to leave me in the dust.  Strong work fellas.  Good to see Honey Badger out this morning.  He certainly didn’t appear to give a sh!t this morning!  Barney has been a posting machine for the past month, since he decided to start coming out.  He’s working his butt off and getting much faster.  Ready for his virgin Q!!  YHC attempted to call time and round up the PAX, but folks were a bit spread out.  Sorry for the couple minutes of EC.  Thanks to Chair Thrower for doing a bit of PAX sweeping on Mega Tool.  This was a great example of excellent site Q etiquette, and Lee will be able to give a good report to management.

Missing De reminded everyone about the 6 at 6 every Saturday morning prior to the Midwood workout.  Sounds like they are seeing some good numbers for the 6 at 6.  Double down for Midwood, and that’s quite a Saturday morning.  Don’t forget that tutoring at Billingsville has moved to Wednesdays at 4:30 for the remainder of the school year.  We need more guys to help if you can spare an hour.

Thanks for letting me direct traffic this morning CT.  Always an honor.



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