SIB: Be UP for it! (Smiley face)

Don’t fix what ain’t broke. We did timed intervals this week. Nobody complained. Or tripped over a stick. Or got lost. Checkpoint enjoyed a creamy strawberry old man beverage after the workout – based on the marketing campaign he is an early user and Nestle should be thrilled. Further note: in this context “old man” does not mean “adult” – it is only 0615 after all. Somewhere along the way Swamp Fox called me out on a lane violation – and Shawshank backed him up. We will need to re-stripe Andover with new lane lines. Perhaps a subconscious desire not to get passed.

Easy Rings thought he might sleep in today. Since he’s sleeping in, might as well have a large burrito on Monday evening. Somehow plans change but the burrito stays – just weighing you down. I feel his pain. Nothing like a Knights game with street tacos and a brownie sundae with hot fudge to prepare for speed work. Maybe Checkpoint has the right nutritional strategy after all.

Wore my Boston Marathon shirt this morning. Just so much to celebrate: My favorite distance runner Des Linden winning for the women. And just amazing finish by Kawauchi for the win on the men’s side. And Americans showing up strong all over. Weather made the race look like an F3 CSAUP event. Watching it will get you fired up to run a race.

So we “did some stuff” as an infamous BB once read:

Warm up — 8 rounds of 2 min hard/1 min recover — jog about 3-4 minutes — 8 rounds of 1 min hard/30 sec recover — Cool down.

Total mileage today was 6.9.

Steroid looked strong again. Ewok stepped up for the takeout.

Next week is scheduled for AYG sprints. I’m considering something else. Watch this space for more details. Will post here and/or Twitter with update on plan by Sunday evening at latest.

One thought on “SIB: Be UP for it! (Smiley face)

  • April 17, 2018 at 4:56 pm

    Enjoyed it. Might join you again next week – unless it is AYGs…. while it is possible that Boost and SIB may be slowing the loss of elasticity in my 56 year old muscles, I do not want to test the theory. AYGs are for you young men.

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