Block Party

Just a good old fashioned block party this morning at Splinter.  Tried to get those in attendance to admit this was the most fun they’ve had in a long time.  Got no such admittance but I could see it in their face. They loved it.

After warmup (SSH, IW and MC) we run to Wellesley, turn right, cross Queens and stop at Maryland.  Let the fun begin.  We basically go one block at a time with normal pace stepped up a notch.  Brief catch-your-breath at each stop then move on.

Down Maryland to Sterling, Sterling to Wellesley, to Princeton, slow mosey to Jamestown, then back to pace +1 down Jamestown to Westfield, slow mosey to Sterling, right on Sterling back to pace +1 to Croydon, slow mosey to Maryland, left on Maryland back to pace +1 to Westfield, then to Princeton, then to Wellesley.  Then back home to start.  Finish with some brief Mary.  3.2 miles covered.

Thanks to Torpedo for the take-out.

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