Superman III

“That was the hardest workout I’ve been to in a while.”  – LBJ (BOSS in training)

Does anyone remember when the Superman movies use to be AWESOME??  Like Reservoir Dogs awesome.  Hands down the best one is III.  Lois Lane was smoking hot and Gus Gorman was the BOSS.  Christoper Reeve is hard to look at knowing his demise was #mrEd but Richard Pryor steals the MFshow.  The SYFY channel is streaming that shit this month.  Grab a 40 of Schlitz and check it out.

“The hardest workout in a long time.”

A quick little gallop down Lizzy, past Captain Jack, up to the courthouse where MSNBC was filming Mutiny recounting the votes from last fall.  #landslide  23x derkins

Continue the gallop over to the MiniMutha.  For some reason I still really like this run down slut of a spiral parking deck.  Everyone knows this type of chick.  Never the hottest or biggest ti..hands but she loved a good time.  Anyways I’m getting sidetracked.

Up to the top of the Mutha, Up to the top of Epicenter, Up to the top of THE MUTA, and then over to the Discovery Place Deck with 10 Merkins and 20 knee-ups each stop.

Back down 7th street to the top of the Castle.  20x PutinTwists.

1x down and up Castle and back home.  TigerCock was the first loser.

Useless Information:

  • tigerCOCK made his quarterly appearance in full rain gear per usual.  There has been 48 Div I coaching changes this season and he brokered 52 of them.  That Range needs some bigger tires.
  • Taper 101 – SugarShank claimed I tapered for this workout by missing SIB yesterday.  Fake News Brahhhh
  • No sign of Narc or Neal.  #pussys
  • After back2back Boss Q’s from team Swindy, go back to your originally scheduled Q list CMD.  I’m sure next week’s Q won’t suck at all.


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