“Welcome to Moe’s” Southside Grinder

13 men took another off campus tour of the Freedom Park neighborhood to experience the second consecutive day of a Curly led grind.  A few PAX came back for another dose this morning, and they were not disappointed.  Here’s what we did.


  • Quick mosey up East Blvd, but cross over to the left side of East.
  • Short COP in the Moe’s parking lot.  SSH x 15, Mountain Climbers x 15.
  • Starting at the corner of Floral and East, head down Floral with 5 HR merkins at each cross street, stopping at Ordermore.  First set at Floral and East for a total of 6 stops.
  • Plankorama while waiting on the 6.
  • Mosey down Ordermore over to Scott.  Left on Scott stopping at the intersection of Scott and Kenilworth, which represents the corner of the “Southside Wedge.”
  • “Southside Suicide!”  Run up Kenilworth stopping at each cross street.  At the Kenilworth corner, perform 5 burpees and continue running down the cross street to Scott corner for 5 shoulder tap merkins.  Run down Scott, back to the beginning of the wedge.
  • Repeat the same suicide running up Kenilworth, hitting the remaining cross streets and East Blvd(total of 4 cross streets), while adding 5 reps of each exercise at each of the cross street corners before running back down Scott to the beginning of the wedge.
  • Mary waiting while waiting on the 6.  LBCs, Flutters, Russian Twists, Dollys.
  • Mosey back up Scott, hang a right on Ordermore, right on Floral, which turns into Clayton.  Right on Cumberland, then left on the path leading back into the park.
  • Stop at the owl bars for 2 rounds of 10 pull-ups and 20 dips.
  • Mosey straight back through the park to the lot for COT.

Naked Stuff:

For the second day in a row, we left the Freedom Park lot and primarily stayed on the outskirts of the park.  Heard a few moans and groans as we started up East Blvd, only to be replaced by sounds of excitement when we did not head toward the CMC deck or the “Northside Wedge.”  The will and energy was still palpable as we made our way down Floral.  But, the excitement soon faded when the Southside Suicide commenced.  The Southside Wedge may not be quite as steep as the Northside, but it makes up for it in length. (Ouch!)  Tack on 50 burpees and 50 shoulder tap merkins, and you have a smokefest.

Plenty of banter in the lot before we started.  Doobie was so out of it yesterday after WIB, that he mistakenly texted Micro Slice instead of YHC afterwards to complain.  How’d that go?  But hey, Doobie, Teaser, and Barney were the only ones to come back for more today after posting at WIB yesterday, and they are better for it.  Sheep blasted Redd Foxx for not showing this morning.  His theory was that Foxx was still recovering from watching both kids by himself over the weekend.  This prompted YHC to ask the question, “If you are drinking at home with small children present, are you still drinking alone?”  No definitive conclusion, but it may even be possible that you can drink at home with only pets present and still be covered.  When 88 found out YHC had the Q, he said something like, ” Oh well, there goes any chance of an easy workout this morning.”  He’s learning.  Paula and DIB were pushing hard this morning, and Barney continues to show that he is ready for his VQ.

88 let us know that the YMCA Men’s Breakfast was this morning.  Not sure if anyone else made it, but that is always a great event.

Remember that Billingsville tutoring has been moved to Wednesday for the remainder of the school year.  4:30 if you can spare an hour.

Don’t forget to hit the new Saturday Revolution workout.  7:00 at Revolution Park off of Remount.

DIB took us out this morning and reminded us just how blessed we all are to have what we have, and do what we do.  Amen brother!

Foxx, thanks for the keys!  Always and honor!


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