8@8 recycle

An admittedly hasty PreBlast. Still a great 8 miles. 3 segments to snipe if you’re interested…

The Thang:

The 2:

Head North on Queens Road that turns in to East Morehead, Left onto South Kings Drive
(0.8 mi), Left onto Queens Road West (1.5 mi), ::FIRST SEGMENT START (1.5 mi Sherwood Ave intersection):: Right onto Hopedale Avenue (1.8 mi) Right on Queens Road (2.0 mi) ::END FIRST SEGMENT FINISH (2.0 mi Goldman Lot)::

The 6:

Left onto Providence Road (2.1 mi), Right onto Laurel Avenue (2.5 mi), Right onto Randolph Road (2.9 mi), ::SECOND SEGMENT START (4.4 mi bottom of hill)::, ::SECOND SEGMENT FINISH (4.6 mi almost top of hill)::, Right onto South Sharon Amity Road (5.4 mi), Right onto Providence Road (6.0 mi), ::THIRD SEGMENT START (6.7 mi just after S Wendover Rd)::,::THIRD SEGMENT FINISH (8.0 mi Harris Teeter)::

The route mapped


Optional Tempo workout for you: Tempo Intervals – Warm-up, 4 x 4 min @ slightly faster than 5k w/ 3 min recoveries, cool down


Show and go, I’m in running recovery after an epic Palmetto 70 win, #imstillnotright


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  • August 31, 2017 at 9:08 pm

    I don’t understand the instructions. But I might show up anyway. I don’t like to run.

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