A BackBlast from the Past

Listen up all you noobs, this is how the OGs used to write back blasts, in an EMAIL #mindblown
This is the backblast from the #softlaunch of #BlackWidow way back in 2014 and subsequently the email from Sump #HIM describing the hilarity that ensued in the coming weeks.
Thanks to all these men for their leadership and dedication to F3 and to making an impact in the community.
Lots of openings in the BW Q schedule
Or see Big Worm and Grizzly after class
From: Gray Dyer
Date: March 25, 2014 at 12:32:49 PM EDT
To: Jeremy Swinson,  Collin Franceschi , Chris Dacier , Carrier,  Sump
Cc: Aaron Christensen , Troy Updyke
Subject: Black Widow Soft Launch: Backblast
When: 3/25/14
QIC: 50 Shades
The PAX: Beatle, Carrier, Monk, Sump, Chowda
Co-Q, Huddle, texted the night before with news of a stomach bug. We wish him a speedy recovery and expect to see him in the gloom again before long. As the time for Black Widow’s soft launch neared, YHC spent a long and lonely 2 or 3 minutes in the gloomy parking lot before Beatle showed up. Chowda and Monk emerged from the dark right after that. Sump pulled up. Carrier trotted in. Whew. We were going to have a workout. Hell yeah. Paraphrasing the Bard:
We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he today that sheds his sweat with me
Shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile,
This day shall gentle his condition;
And gentlemen in Cotswold now-a-bed
Shall think themselves accurs’d they were not here,
And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
That worked out with us us upon Black Widow’s Soft Launch day.

Disclaimer: This ain’t F3, but we hope it will be someday. Hopefully in May. Clear?

OK! 5 Burpees OYO (This was a very unpopular start to the workout based on overheard mumblechatter)

Run to bricks, circle up:
Mtn Climbers
Elbow plank. Beatle 10 count.
Mosey to Rutledge for the Road Humpin’ Rampage
Fielding: 15 Monkey Humpers, 15 Merkins
Gresham: 15 MH, 15 LBC 15 Merkins
Kingscross: 15MH, 15 LBC, 15 Heels to Heaven, 15 Merkins
Chandler: 15MH, 15 LBC, 15H2H, 15 Russian Twists,  15 Merkins
Montclair: 15 MH, 15 LBC, 15 H2H, 15RT, 15 Merkins
Chandler: 15 MH, 15 LBC, 15 H2H, 15 Merkins
Robin: 15MH, 15LBC,15 Merkins, Jail Break uphill: Sump gets breakaway props
Prov Cir: Head back to Robin for 15 Jump Squats! Jail break uphill (again): Monk gets kudos this time.
Prov Cir (again): YHC considered sending everyone back down to Robin, but thought better of it. 15MH, 15 Merkins, 6 inches: Carrier 10 count.
Mosey to other side of church near the brick wall along the main entrance to sanctuary.
10 Turkish Get ups OYO out in the grass.
Bear crawl to wall, trot back
Lunge walk to wall, trot back
Crab walk to wall, trot back
Lunge walk to wall for the next thing.
Split into two teams: Team 1: People’s Chair with air presses alternating w Team 2: lap runners around the church Flapjack. Rinse and repeat. One more set with guys at the wall doing LBCs.
Back to parking lot for Mary:
Dolly, Low Slow Flutter, Rosalita. Time.
Great closing prayer by Beatle. Thank you.
Carrier mentioned the Men’s Shelter (?) has an open house to tour the new dorm this Sunday. Carrier, please reply with relevant details, corrections and amplifications.
YHC brought pen and paper to jot down names just in case we had 30+ PAX. Turned out to be a very manageable, very supportive, very energetic and enthusiastic group of 6. This was exactly what we were hoping for this morning. Excellent. YHC is committed to hosting this event at Trinity every morning going forward. Hopefully we’ll get to make it an official F3 workout in May. Meanwhile, hope to see you next Tuesday morning if not sooner. We’re not taking this to social media. We’re just quietly building some momentum. Bring a friend next week.
Celebrate tonight! Pizza Peel at 8pm.
And then the note from Sump also via EMAIL #doublemindblown

Thought you two may appreciate this email. It’s 50 Shades’ BB from the soft launch of Black Widow almost 4 years ago.

The next week (4/1/14), Huddle Q’d & Fitty overslept. Fortunately, Huddle took us over to Rutledge Halfpipe where Fitty lives 3 houses down on Kings Crossing. He wandered out his front door & joined us for the rest of the workout.
I missed the next week (4/8/14) but I think Huddle Q’d again.
When Black Widow became official on 4/15/14, I was out of town. I was bummed I missed the official launch.
I came back the next week & Monk lead us down Providence Rd, through Strawberry Hill and over to Central Church of God on the corner of Sharon Amity & Sardis. Finally ran down Randolph back to Trinity Pres.
I had an injury setback & stayed away from BW until the fall. When I returned, it was a full blown workout pulling in 20 + Pax each week.
Oh yeah, the Pax named Beatle is now known as Bullwinkle. For some reason, his name was changed from
Beatle to Big Moose for about 3 weeks before becoming Bullwinkle.
Those were the days…


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Oh yeah,
We also had a workout to celebrate.
Worm had a merkin fest and ran us through C-Rock
I took the high road and hit some gas pumpers and plank action.
then we visited the scene of the first Black Widow Fartsack and headed back to the AO.
4 years of Black Widow, looking forward to the next 4!
Q slots are opening up, sign up here!
Thanks for the opportunity.
Big Worm and Grizzly

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