Positive Negativity

My attendance at SIBling Rivalry has been spotty of late, so it was awesome to show up for my Q and see a mix of familiar faces and newer pax. Following the usual OYO warmup, here’s what we did in the unseasonably cold 34-degree temperatures.

The Thang

_ 4 x 800m, with a jogging 400m recovery in between and a roll right into the next one. Pax were told to work on running the first lap at a strong but sustainable pace, then running the second lap about 5-10 seconds faster than the first one. This set the table for …

_ 1 x 1600m, aiming to pick up the pace for each of the laps.

_ Cooldown lap, then moseyed off the track to get out of the way of the ladies and did 6MoM over by the stone disks until time.

Spreadsheets from the Gloom

_ This workout draws on one of my few strengths as a runner, which is my sense of pace and ability to control it. The idea is that by practicing running your intervals with negative splits (each lap faster than the one that preceded it), you start to learn the finer points of shifting gears and controlling your own pace. As you move into running longer events, from the 10K up to a marathon, this is a critical skill to have if you want to actually race the events rather than just fly and die.

_ Just FWIW, here are my lap splits: Interval 1: 1:50; 1:48. Interval 2: 1:57; 1:48. Interval 3: 1:54; 1:47. Interval 4: 1:53; 1:45. Interval 5 (1600m): 2:08 (too slow); 1:57; 1:50; 1:42.

_ Spooky apparently had put away his winter running gear and showed up in a yarn cap with ear flaps that caused one of the pax to mistake him from afar for none other than Strummer (who would never be caught dead on a running track when he could be on his bike).

_ It’s a tradition unlike any other at SIBling Rivalry — the member of the pax who shows up, starts running his intervals, looks a quarter of the way up the track and goes, “When did Sump get so fast?!?” Answer: We don’t know, brother, but it’s a beautiful thing to watch. Apparently a half-marathon debut may be in the cards for this autumn …

_ If you haven’t signed up to Q, go do it now at Deer Tick’s Sign Up thingy: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0b4fa4ad2da1f58-sibling It’s a great way to make sure you drag your sorry a$$ out of bed on a Tuesday morning and make your down-pain-ment on the day.

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