Space Mountain

KotterSpring continued at Governator this week as we welcomed back Groupon, who pulled into the lot close to 5:30 and was complaining right away about the workout starting early, which may have been a legit gripe, but there was work to do.

Brief COP IC with Parker Peter x12, Low Slow Squats x12 and Merkins x25.

Headed straight up Carmel and then a hard right where Doogie’s old house used to be – really, really dark in there, like Space Mountain dark. But the wheels were in motion, it reminded me of BRR #16 just a little and I would do it (even Q it) again. Fortunately no one hit a deer or went into the pond, pre-tweet promise fulfilled, we’re in a new place (for most anyway). There were reports about Snowflake being MIA but it turned out to be BS.

After some planking on the 6 and a short, very slow mosey overland we continued on with 9 wide arms at each of the 9 houses on the left. Stop at the stop sign, LBCs on the 6.

Head down the short steep hill on the left and back up for 5 Megaburpees. “Repeat twice.” 100% refusenik #selectivehearing #failuretocommunicate as no one but me did the third trip.

AYG to the rails, plank up then Derkins x12 IC. AYG to the base of the next hill.  Partner up. Bear crawl to first driveway, wheelbarrow to the next driveway, partner carry to the top. LBCs on the 6.

Benefactor/Groupon win, Aquafresh/Alphabet second.  Correctly guessed Alphabet’s weight.

Indian run up and out then Mary behind RTS – Russian twist, 6 inch toe tappers IC, then WWII situps OYO. More Merkins IC x15.

AYG back to launch. We made use of the extra rocks Pothole ordered for the park, which have been sitting there for weeks but no one has used. Rock Squats x 15 IC. Except Film did bench presses with his rock which is not a good subsitution. Sprint to south end of the lot. Single leg squats IC x10 L, x 10 R. Sprint back to pile, Rock Squats x 10 IC. AYG back to the end. Do 50 Merkins OYO; 10 WWII situps every time you break the set, rest, etc. End.

Good to have Gangsta, Malko, Cuda, Groupon and other vets from the hood out more often (will Chelms be next?), newer guys like Cooter and Cash Back staying consistent and a welcome visit from Snowflake (Area 51). If you did every exercise you would have brushed up and over the 300 merkin mark with your inflated pecs. Hopefully the legs got sufficiently beat up at the end too.

I took us out. Always honored to lead.

Announcements – Sarcoma Stomp – next SFN race coming up in the neighborhood – April 28th

#allinforJennings: Prayer meeting on the occasion of Jennings Palmer’s bone marrow transplant, Thursday, April 19th 7:30 pm, Reformed Theological Seminary, Carmel and Sharonview.

Gangsta has started Pick-6 back up for training season. Thursday, 5:30, Ben & Jerry’s Fairview. Follow him for details, new routes each week and sign up to Q.

Team Malko needs a runner for upcoming Get Outside Mountain Relay. Get in touch if interested.

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