True American Form

12 men posted on this fine spring morning. It was nice to see Nash venture so far from home and join us at #Sharktank. We had a day focused on form and a few less frequently used exercises to bring the pain. Good thing Boone was the only #batflipper in attendance as the insults to the Q may have been intense otherwise. We only got 4.5 miles with the extra credit and we did a lot of cadence counting. Not the stuff to please some. We got some good instruction from Nash on how to execute a proper sumo jump squat (both hands touch the ground and you get 9 inches of vertical leap). We also brought out my favorite – the True American – six count exercise combining a hand release merkin and a plank jack. This one will vastly improve your merkin form which you will need if you ever happen to perform a PST and want a score higher than zero – not to mention those fine pecs it will build. We also brought out a RunStopper favorite the Jack LaLane – merkins and air presses to 40/56. Gonna be hard to brush the teeth tonight.

The thang:

EC was to some little known parking deck near Dale Halton Theatre – run the ramps with burpees, jump squats, LBCs, and a few burpees on the way home

Regular crowd met us for a COP with SSSH, sumo jump squats, true americans, and mountain climbers.

Then off to the greenway wall and Target deck for 3 circuits of stairs including dips and True Americans.

Headed to the greenway figure 8 near Capt’n Jack (stopping on the way for some plank walks on the rails) and did 7’s with wall jump ups and derkins

Pleased the crowd with Jack LaLanes up to 14 merkins and 56 air presses – always a surprise because it seems so easy at first

Headed home at a hot pace to make it back at 6:16

The Naked Moleskin:

Nash and Curly were out front all morning being chased by Thrust and Steroid. Well actually Thrust came from behind and beat Curly on the circuits at the Target Deck. Not sure if he was faster or his corner cutting contributed to the win. Either way it appears he smoked himself as he was not out front on the figure 8. Nash crushed that one, closely followed by Curly. Boone, the lonely #batflipper was strong on the 8’s (where his compatriots today – still smoked from Cindy Q at Ranger?). Not sure who was the strongest on the Jack LaLane’s as YHC was so intent on counting I was not paying attention. I did notice quite a few people faltering at the end even though they chuckled at the beginning and blamed OBT for the nonsense.  HE was a great contributor today with his typically loud cadence counting. MMOB hung well on the figure 8 and gave us a great take-out. RedFox and ChairThrower showed up for EC and just quietly knocked everything out with no complaints. Don’t think they were breathing hard. LBJ maintained the solid reputation of #Rifty even though several were missing today. We think Hillary has an excuse.

Announcements: The most important one is the #Rifty is running in the USMC Mud Run on May 19. Unless some other Metro teams show up, you are leaving the reputation of the fastest Region in the Nation in the hands of a bunch of old guys…


4 thoughts on “True American Form

  • April 19, 2018 at 3:37 pm

    CP. That was an anti-batflipper, total body beat down! I had forgotten about the True Americans.
    Thanks for leading and bringing the Frankenberry flavored (P)erformance (E)nhancing(B)everages to share with the PAX.

  • April 19, 2018 at 5:22 pm

    In the 10 hrs since I took down that boberry boost drink I’ve sprouted hair in new places, my nuts are growing at an exponential pace (help!), and My pee flow is exceptional strong! Good stuff CP #riftystrongPED.

  • April 19, 2018 at 6:30 pm

    Lots to digest there CP. First, nice Q. Second, some call it corner cutting, others call it trailblazing. Third, wish I could say jumping over the hedges caused a flat tire and thus the poor performance on the Figure 8’s. The truth is it’s just tough keeping up with Curly for an entire workout (and I didn’t even do EC like he did).

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