Spring Cleaning at Attila

22 pax.  Severe preworkout mumblechatter.  Enough, time to go.

Run to Metropolitan Speedway.  Make your way to the end of the of the road doing 10 walking imperial walkers, 10 lunges, and 10 gorillas (some call them bunny hops but that’s just plain wimpy).

Mosey over to Target deck.  Ramp 1: 10 plank jacks at bottom, 10 plankjacks midway and again at the top.  Mosey across deck to ramp 2: RxR plankjacks to top.

At top of the deck, line up for burpee suicides.  Run 2 parking lanes, backward run 1 lane, 1 burpee.  Continue on till you are across deck.

PC, 10 Tyson’s, Dolly, Dieing cockroach

Burpee suicides back across increasing to two burpees.

PC, BTW, J-lo’s, Elbow-to-knee squats

Burpees suicides back.  Three burpees this time across.

PC, Decline Peter Parker, 10 diamonds, Protractor

Increase burpees to 4 on trip back.

PC, 10 donkey kicks, 10 double wide merkins, Rosalita

Decrease burpees back to 3.

PC, 10 Superman merkins, HtH, Travolta

Burpees Down to two.

PC, 10 one-leg merkins each leg, Reverse plankorama, LBC’s

Chips takes off for home.  I guess we’re out of time.


Hard to figure a Spring morning at 40 degrees but YHC already had the backblast title picked out.

Kieffer late again, as usual.  Only this time we thought it was so late that he wouldn’t find us.  Dang FiA gals ratted out our location.

Usual suspects out in front all morning: Steroid, Chips, Midget, Scrubs, Turntable, Brownie.  Just as impressive, as always: Money, Pigskin, Hallpass, Robin Hood, My Sharona – senior citizen studs.

Teal Diva coming up.  In honor of Ruth Samuelson and in support of our favorite F3 quipster Little W.

Tesla takes us out.

Great morning at Attila.

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