Last Minute Shopping Trip


12 men posted at the toughest post in C-Rock on Wednesdays.  There was some extra credit, either Rhapsody or KC ran it.  They looked tired and beat up, so YHC decided to take it easy on them.

Once EC rolled in, make our way to the track for little warm up lap, then convene on the 50 yard line for some COP

SSHx 20, Burpees OYOx5, Mountain Climbersx20, Burpees OYOx5, Copperhead Squatx20, Burpees OYOx5, LBCx20, Burpees OYOx5

Slight mumble chatter for the burpees, but had to keep all exercises at an even 20 #perfectionist

Mosey off the track, down Water Oak to Linda.  Stop at every pole on the right for some squats.  Start at 5, increase by 5 at each.  Up to 30 reps, then back down.  There are 12 poles.  Kind of like I planned.

Head over to the playground for some Double 7’s.  At the short wall, do dips and jump ups.  Run across lot, and at jungle gym, do pull-ups and merkins.

Quick mary with Dolly, Rosalita, and LBC’s.

Check the watch, have just enough time to run some errands.  Mosey over to the Teeter for some shopping.

Start with 2 merkins at Teeter, hit every door, increase by two #equalslotsofmerkins #maybetoomanymerkins

Brief mary again, and looking at the clock, its time to book it home.

Run back they way we came, stopping at the end of Linda for a repeato back with the squats and poles.

Do some plank work, then AYG back to the flag, only 12 seconds over the time limit.


Cobains for tardiness of the BB, was planning on doing this on a plane, but the WiFi was down (that’s the excuse I gave work too).  This got me in the right mindset before heading out for my 12th Golf Trip.  Solid group at Promo, as it normally is.  Lots of speed to keep you honest.  Rhapsody and Horn out front on the Double 7’s.  Sorry for the last minute shopping trip but… you know what, I am not sorry.  Had to be done.

All the merkins allowed me to hit the ball much further (and with much less accuracy).

Thanks for the keys Rhap and KC, always a privilege to lead the men of Promo.


There were some, my recording did not work like I planned, I recall Fortitude and Billingsville.  Everything should be on the Tweeter.


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