BHM Dodging Raindrops Today

Six of F3’s finest (and BHM’s most weather-hardy) showed up this morning for Big Hair Monday.  The weather forecast could not have been worse, and there were certainly memories of 88’s near-waterboarding of us all a few months ago when a cloudburst fire-hosed us.  But the brave and hardy showed up and we made a fine time of it with only a few raindrops to dampen our shirts.  Here’s what went down:

Run to parking lot

50 Shades of Merkin + 50 4-count diag LBCs + Rock Hoppers + Jump Squats + 15 Cross Fit Merkins

Indian Run 1 ½ laps around lake.  Derkins at bridge

Handslap Merkin + Plank Situps + Bropee + Partner Derkin

40 Shades of Merkin + 50 Dollies + Makhtar N’Diayes + Plank hip slaps + Flutters + 8 Count Body Builders

All-you-got run to stop sign, then group run back home again.

(True Q confession: YHC had a minor Q-emergency late in the workout that necessitated a close inspection of the edge of the woods nearby— while the rest of the pax were left plank-ing.  They took it better than they might of)

Announcements: Not so much.  Teal Diva road race for cancer is this weekend.  Also, Gravedancer told us today that he was traveling last few weeks in Ireland and posted in Dublin with a bunch of expat F3ers for a workout way, way over there.  Well done Gravedancer!

Snapfade took us out with humility and grace.

Thank you, gentlemen, for the opportunity to lead you all this morning.  It’s always a treat for me.


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