Tour d’Eglise

COP:  20SSH, 10Windmills

Mosey toward solo workout Guy; scare him; then ask him to workout with us.

Mosey up Barringer toward West Blvd.   Stop by rock garden at far end of park.   Step-ups right leg IC (20);  dips IC, 20;  step-ups left leg IC (20); dips IC, 12.

Mosey across West Blvd up Barninger to Bethel.   20 Merkins IC .  Mosey up Cartier Way (#fancy) to Skyview.   7s uphill to Speed Limit sign.  Start with 6 burpees on bottom, 1 SSH up top.

Mosey to Osmond and head South; quick left down Bethel to chase down dog-walker; pitch F3 in succession on way down Hill.   Mosey West on West Blvd.  to Rock Church’s Stairway to Nowhere.    Grab a rail; 20 calf-raises IC; 20 Squats in cadence (still holding on to rail: #BarreClass).    Repeat.

Mosey down West Blvd to Greater Mt. Sinai Baptist Church.  BLIMPS minus the S.   See above.    Partner A makes circuit, while Partner B does exercise.

Mosey down West toward Remount.   Mary while wait for the 6: LBCs, Freddie Mercury, Dollie, Rosalitas.

Mosey down Remount to First Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church.   John Travolta’s Left-side (20 IC).  John Travolta’s Right-Side (20 IC).

Mosey down Remount toward Park.   Pull-over for J-Lo while wait for 6.    20 IC.

Mosey to Rock Bed.    Grab a rock:  Curls for the Girls: 10IC, Overhead press 10IC, SkullCrushers 6 IC.

People’s Chair:  Curls 10 IC (no rock); Overhead press 10 IC (no rock).  Recover:  Skullcrusher 6 IC (with rock).  Repeat.

Back to COT.


From Linus, GORUCK Cadre from F3 Tacoma: The Charlotte stop on the City Ruck Tour this year is Friday, 8/24. Here’s a link to the FB event page for it.  This year’s tour will honor and support the law enforcement community.


Welcome 2.0, Boondoggle, Linus, and OBT to Revolution!

Had a good time exploring the neighborhood.  Skyview in Westover Hills is aptly named, as is the Stairway to Nowhere (thx OBT!).

LP suggested putting out flyers during a workout. Might have to try that: Partner A puts out flyers down one side of block; while Partner B does Burpees.  Switch it up.  Why not!?!

Thanks to LP, Megabus, Back-up, and YHC for Team Liaising it up at Reid Park Basketball Tourney Saturday afternoon.  Made some good connections and were able to support the Charlotte Dream Center, who is doing great neighborhood outreach in West Charlotte.




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