Crosstown Traffic

Rev was harassing the PAX last Friday looking for fresh Qs. He got tired of 3 days in one week of M&M. Fair enough. I had signed up for this spot a month ago, before Rev got perturbed. But the list is now a little fuller. Still, we can use some more volunteers to Q.


There are real advantages to Q-ing. You get to pick the music. You can push the PAX as hard as YOU want, instead of being pushed by someone else past where you want to go. I find that I usually have a little extra adrenalin when I Q. If someone else did the same workout as I did, it would seem tougher to me than if I was the Q.


Plus, today, I didn’t want to get wet so I could decide to do everything under shelter. Another Q might have made us do Mary in the water.


We continue to challenge Kiefer’s musical knowledge. Kiefer: who sings “Crosstown Traffic”? (You’d think they teach that stuff at Georgia.) By the way, Foo and Rev are encyclopedias of musical knowledge. They’ve forgotten more music than I ever knew.


Started off with:


25 SSHs

8 dragon Merkins

15 Imperial Squat Walker

8 Diamonds

12 Wind Mills

8 Stagger Arm right

15 Lunges

8 Stagger Arm left

15 Reverse Lunges

10 Merkins


Some Stretching


To the Front Porch for

Angry Donkeys (11s with people’s chair-air press and donkey kicks)

11s with balls to the wall toe taps and Prisoner get ups


By this point, the FIA ladies where leaving the temple

So we went to the Temple:

Partner up and:

Partner 1 Planks while Partner 2 does 20 Situps and flapjack

Then, a Merkin ladder to 7 and back down

Rails for pole smokers

10 Burpees OYO

Finished up with a little Mary and stretching


I felt young today. We had Herr Pferd, Herr Geld, Robin Hood, Hollywood and Lalanne. Welcome Hollywood! This was his first time here. And he’s coming back!



Teal Diva this weekend

Billingsville Tomorrow

Valdez has Splinter Group

DRM turned 65


Rev with message of Faith.




Retired from Duke Energy after 40 years as an accountant.

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