HBD Ninja Duck!

My youngest of three Ninja Duck (aka Davis) turned 10 years old this past Sat the 21st. So naturally, YHC Q’d Cherokee. #FamilyTradition

Started off with a warm-up lap around the parking lot in Ninja Duck’s honor:

Super Marios (exercise he learned at Let Me Run)
Duck Walk (duh – his name is Ninja Duck)
Karaoke (just felt like it)

Mosey to the front of the Mint
COP: 1-Leg SSH/ Mountain Climbers/ Copperhead Squats/ Flutter

Triple Spokes
In the street, at intersection of Eastover and Hempstead
Run all 3 spokes
Perform called exercise x 10 at top/ Run back to start for 1 Mega Burpee
Hempstead Hump = Merkins
Eastover/ Colville stop sign = Knee-ups
Hempstead/ Colville stop sign = Jump Squats

Rinse and repeat – doubling the exercise counts including 2 Mega Burpees each time

Plank and Mary until everyone arrives

Backwards run around corner to Museum Drive
Cherokee Post Office
Alabama Tea-baggers & John Holmes

Bear Crawl/ Crab Walk down Museum Drive
Lunge Walk up Lockley
Run down Hempstead to Mint – stop ½ way for Burpees

Continue to the low wall at the back of the Mint
Dips/ Derkins/ Step-ups

Over to the parking lot for LBCs & Dolly

On your belly – run to stop sign at end of parking lot
Other side of parking lot
On your belly – run to speed bump

Sling Shot
Run backwards from speed bump to end of median
AYG to the fountain


Roll in the parking lot and surprised to see only one F3 vehicle (as opposed to the random dog walkers and construction workers).  Even more surprised to see Cannoli in said F3 vehicle.  Turns out he showed up to meet Aquafresh for Spaghetti 6 but AF was a no-show.  Cannoli decided a better use of his time would be contaminating the Bojangles restroom than a Sad Clown run to the Muthaship.  On behalf of the Pax in attendance, we are glad Cannoli made the choice he did.

Is there a cuter guy in F3 Metro than Buzzcock?  He bounces out of his 1970’s Volvo, grinning from ear to ear. He’s so excited like he’s about to lick the spoon after his mom makes cookies.

The next Pax to arrive was Sleepy.  Not sure how he got his name because he’s pretty alert.  He was in the lead most of the morning.  Even when he took a detour to a port-a-potty, Sleepy easily got back to the front with minimal effort.  During COT, as the announcements started going off in different tangents, Sleepy shut them down so he could get home.  To his credit, Sleepy delivered an excellent take-out to make up for cutting off Cannoli’s spiel about a Bubble Hockey Charity Fundraiser.

Cuda soon showed up.  He always adds to the 2nd F. Only heard bits and pieces of Cuda telling a story regarding the movie “Call Me by Your Name.”  Regret not catching the full version because any story involving Cuda and a coming-of-age art house film has to be entertaining.

As usual, Tantrum came in hot at 7AM.  Find it interesting that after six years of driving to Cherokee almost every Saturday, Tantrum still hasn’t changed his alarm clock to go off 2 minutes earlier so he can make it before the workout starts.

The highlight of the morning was Ribeye joining us during COP.  The Gloom is a better place when Ribeye is part of it. He was bummed he missed the warm-up in Ninja Duck’s honor, but who wouldn’t be?

We got in 4 miles running without venturing too far off campus.  Plus, we hit some old school favs like the Triple Spokes and Post Office.  YHC enjoyed it – hope you guys did as well.

Full Monty Sidebar
As I mentioned above, Saturday was my 2.2’s 10th birthday.  Because Ninja Duck is my youngest, it’s bitter sweet whenever he hits a milestone like turning double-digits.  I can remember when my 3 kids’ collective ages were less than 10.  Now, each one is at least 10 years old – where did the time go?

Ninja Duck is doing Let Me Run for the first time.  The weekend after his first practice, he took me to Cotswold Elem and had me do all the same exercises and run the same routes that he did at LMR.  It was awesome. Debated bringing him out with me to Cherokee but decided to let him sleep.  Ninja Duck had a Lacrosse game that morning and he needed to be at full speed for it.

Of my three kids, Ninja Duck is the one who shows the most interest in F3.  He likes playing sports but needs to be engaged because he has a lot of energy.  Hoping Ninja Duck will join me this summer for a couple of F3 workouts.

My other two kids have birthdays within the next month so look for future Q’s & BB’s in their honor as well.


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