Intention was Hard not Long

During our run in Pate forecasted what might be an extra light group for the morning knowing Dredd was leading the charge just around the corner so I was pleased (perhaps honored) to round the corner and see our mostly standard group including Bermuda back from a several week trip abroad and skyline who continues to post despite broken bones.  No pressure I was told.

The Thang:

Departed the park pavilion going east for a short stop in the lot just before the St Patrick’s sledding hill for COP.    SSH x20, Low Slow Squat x15, Merkins x10.   Mosey down to the base of the wedge to start a full wedge suicide that included 5 burpees at bottom, 10 merkins at each of the turn-arounds rotating between standard, wide arm, and diamonds.   3 streets so 3 turn-arounds on the right side of the wedge, loop around to do 3 more on the left side of the wedge.    Gather at base of wedge for some Flutters and LBCs and then mosey back for COT.   5.2 miles and a few minutes of EC when all said and done.


Some apparent poor time planning on my part had us wrap up the wedge work with just a few mins to go so we lost a few pax who headed back early.  well, on time really.  Intent was to be hard, but not to go long, sorry for the poor planning gents.    Thanks Frohman for the take out – always a good reminder of how much we all have to be thankful of and how fortunate we are to do what we do on any given Monday morning.

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