SIB — Step 1: Ignore Instructions

Step 2: Well it seems kind of pointless to continue

15ish pax out for SIB. By COT we were missing both Shawshank and Fishwrap – plus the deer that lives on Sagamore – so the count kind of confused me. I have 15 names on that list which seems about right. If I am missing yours please add it in the comments (though don’t expect me to go back and edit this BB – you’ll be fine).

Apparently more than a couple of people don’t like AYG sprints. So now you got to get on Twitter and let them know — Don’t worry, we won’t do sprints. But then you come up with something which might be equally miserable.

What we did:

10 minute warm up. 7-8 reps on the Sagamore loop (1/2 mile-ish distance). Jog the short way up to BD to recover in between.

After the last Sagamore loop – “regroup” sort of and jog/run over to Michael Baker. This trip is not a mosey.

Several hard hills runs (though technically not sprints) up Michael Baker. Some shorter, some longer.

Cool down back to AG. Whole thing takes around 56 minutes and some unknown number of kilometers.

Construction on Hensley has cleared out a few trees and greatly improved visibility on this loop. We will have to use it more often. Today felt a lot like “hills” week even though that is usually 2nd Tuesday. Hills are just so efficient and we only have about an hour to do this thing. (In English class they call this foreshadowing.)

Who is the oldest pax ever to post at SIB? This question is real. Is it Checkpoint? He got a little stiff and tense about a “dad” reference but Bambi is just about the right age. Speaking of Bambi, some deer’s breakfast got interrupted and he bounded away into Little Sugar Creek. No relation to our Bambi though both look fast. Thin Slice was back. He aims to please. Belly Itcher was outrageously fast on the last couple of uphills. Need to find a way to empty that tank sooner in the workout. Hillary dispensing with the shirt to show what hairy old man looks like. It works on him. Fishwrap has new batteries in his headlamp. You will be convinced that a car is behind you when he sneaks up on you.

Next week we will have just as much fun. Feel free to make requests but don’t get your feelings hurt if it does not happen.

See you soon.



2 thoughts on “SIB — Step 1: Ignore Instructions

  • April 24, 2018 at 7:48 pm

    Sorry to burst your bubble Check, but i am fairly sure Boy Scout has you in the oldest at SIB competition. Scout seems to have retired, so keep it up for a few years, and you might grab the title.

  • April 24, 2018 at 8:27 pm

    Sadly Disney, Dredd has started some fake news about my age. These guys think I am closer to 60 than i am…..Goes to show no one listens to me at COT.

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