Want Some Get Some

It started off with Want Ad skipping town when he was supposed to Q and as I answered the E mail chain I knew this was what I was supposed to be doing so before I could stop and think I simply typed ” I’ll take it…” I’ve been wanting some of Bastion for quite some time and then it was on”.

Bastion is one of the Tougher AO”S because like Promo we offer Extra Credit so it was cool. As usual small crowd only Holllings , Monkey Feet and Coach enjoying 2nd F and then we dropped in Hot on Bobba Fett acting like he had some where to go.. He Didn’t.


After that we ease back to St Gabe and was caught off guard to see the crowd waiting impatiently as usual.  Right out of the gate Senor Chips mouths off you’re late already and surprisingly this continued from Chips the entire workout.


Cross the street for for misc exercises but the crowd was chatty so enough already its time to run. Into old Foxcroft for a circle split w partners..

partner 1 & 2 run opposite way with 10 partner derkins at each passing 3 rounds.. that wet too quick add another round…Heck, I’m the Q I do what I want.

Mary to catch us all up and then to the Church parking lot for 3 man grinders….. more talking

Cross the street toward the hot box and grab a concrete block and another round of 3 man grinders but now the chatter was Take me Home Chicken….. Time Chicken….. We have to cross the road Chicken…. this last comment I did not appreciate


We made it back just in time for 10 burpees on your own thanks to Rev Flo on Tuesday at Fortitude making drop and give him 10 so Chickens don’t forget we get even.


Thank Guys for posting was great to see so many friends through F3


thanks Hollings for allowing me to Q its a great AO and fairly fast group of guys…








2 thoughts on “Want Some Get Some

  • April 25, 2018 at 11:57 am

    Great lead, KC, especially fighting thru the near constant mumblechatter thrown your way.

    31 pax is what happens when a celebri-Q shows up.

  • April 25, 2018 at 3:38 pm

    You whipped me Lughoff Style . I ain’t sorry for hitting you with the 10 burpees on account of you crawling on the monkey bars at fortitude. I oughta put you in time out…

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