Bandit: New guys, old guys, one handsome guy

Note to whomever Qs the next workout attended by Great Gazoo. Take him somewhere besides the CMC big deck. He’s only 2 days into F3 and had to run that thing both days. I just wish we could have stayed there longer.

What we did:

SSH in the parking lot to make sure we did not leave any late arrivals. So polite of us. Run up East and down Scott to the big CMC parking deck on Romany. Stop at various points along the way for squats, mountain climbers, etc.

Run up the stairs to the top of the deck – do some exercises – run back down – do some more exercises. Repeat.

Among the more popular exercises: mountain climbers, merkins (including some clap merkins), jump squats, rock hoppers, lunges, peter parker, more SSH. Oh yeah and burpees in cadence too (always popular).

We ran a couple of sprints up top one trip as well (top level of the deck is not as smooth as one might expect – I’m sure that is a design feature not a flaw).

Run back up Scott and down East. Couple of brief stops for exercises. Back in the gravel lot on time with all accounted for.

Redd Foxx and his relationship with burpees – is he is trying to goof up the cadence to get me to do more of them? And does he have a philosophical objection to lunges? Who knows? (Note – these questions are all rhetorical. I won’t be reading any answers.)

3 pax who were new to me (I think – watch one of them tell me that I met them years ago). Great Gazoo posting two straight days for a good start in F3 – welcome. Barney has been around about a month – it shows since he lacks the Metro snark of some longer time pax (not pointing fingers at anyone but we all know it is there). And while he may have been around for years I don’t remember meeting Snots until today. As a nickname that is just about perfect for F3. Short, to the point, possibly has no meaning.

Speaking of names we had the usual Bandit collection of celebrity women with Mariah, Paula and Marilyn.

Ricky Bobby was looking for one more trip up the stairwell. We will save it for next time.

Several announcements:

Speed For Need – American 4 Miler is coming up in just over 2 months. I’ll have a pre-blast up soon, but you can go ahead and register for the race here.

MDA Muscle Walk (gratuitous self serving plug) – my daughter Laurel has organized a team for the MDA Muscle Walk this Saturday (4/28) in Cornelius. You can donate and/or join the team here.

Finally – it is your turn to Q Bandit. Grab a week using Redd Foxx’s spreadsheet.

Oh you are wondering who the handsome guy is? Well, it probably isn’t you.

Peace, out.

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