Clean, Old-Fashioned Pain

Big relief to wake up this morning and see that it was NOT raining.  Yesterday, during the midst of the multiple down pours, YHC racked his brain thinking of covered options if the rain continued this morning.  Spoiler alert:  there aren’t good covered options near Cotswold Elem.

At 5:30, a good-size contingent had shown up so we were on our way! Ran out the main entrance of CES.  As running towards Randolph, cars kept showing up.  #TardyPax

Original plan was to head straight to C-Rock shopping center for COP.  Because YHC is a nice guy, we circled up in the BofA parking lot for COP #1 (SSH & Merkins) so the stragglers could catch up.

On to C-Rock shopping center for COP #2: Peter Parker/ Copperhead Squat/ Parker Peter/ Flutter

Continue to Woodlark, stopping on top of Ferncliff

Run down Ferncliff, around the round-about and back to Woodlark
Stop at the 2 speed humps both ways for called exercises
Plank for the Six
3 rounds: Plank Jacks/ Knee-ups/ Squats

Run down Woodlark to Randolph
Stop at each speed hump (3 total) for Diamonds

Cross Randolph
Backwards run up Greenwich to CES

Run the loop around median in CES Carpool parking lot
Stop mid-way on each side for Merkins
Start with 10 and reduce by 1 each time
Total 5 laps

On to bus parking lot
4MOM: LBC/ Rosalita/ Heels to Heaven/ Dolly/ Protractor


Teal Diva 5K is Saturday @ Freedom Park

Prayer requests
Missing De – his father passed away unexpectedly last week
Oscar – his mother’s health is declining after a year-long battle with cancer
KGB – his sister just gave premature birth to twins at 28 weeks

YHC was in danger of taking War Daddy status but fortunately Rocky Top got to claim it.  Rocky Top is a much better War Daddy as he was out front the entire morning (except when he showed up late)

Great mix of old school and new breed Pax today.  Atlas is keeping up with the times!

T-claps to my fellow Dawg, Tebow (wish YHC could’ve saved you from that name!), for the take-out.  Strong message to set us right for the day.

Once again, when YHC needed him, Coach came through with the 10-count!  #wheelhouse

Thanks to Disney and Cracker for allowing YHC to Q this legendary workout. Appreciate all the Pax support and very grateful the rain held off!


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