Rifty Hate

Team Rifty was in full effect at Ranger this morning, and felt compelled publicize their displeasure at every turn.

Here’s what we did.

  • Quick mosey down Hawthorne and hang a right on 4th.
  • Mosey down 4th past Charlottetowne, and swing into the CPCC Student Parking Deck.
  • Circuit up the ramps with a 5 merkin variation at each turn.  At the top, head over to the wall for 10 hip slappers.  Then run across the deck to opposite stairs.  Down the stairs to the bottom, and back to the bottom of the ramps.
  • 3 rounds, with hand release merkins round 1, wide arms round 2, and diamonds round 3.
  • Mary waiting on the 6.
  • Mosey down 4th and hang a right around Halton Theater and over to Pease and Elizabeth.
  • Suicide up the Lizzy with 5 sumo squat jumps at each crosswalk and Charlottetowne.
  • Mary waiting on the 6 back at the bottom.
  • AYG up Lizzy to Charlottetowne.
  • Left on Charlottetowne and mosey to CPCC sign and find a friend.
  • 10 Dumbocrats each.  Partner A runs to the Castle.  Partner B runs to CPCC Deck #2.
  • Up the stairs to the top for 10 burpees, then back down and back to the CPCC sign to meet your partner.
  • 10 more Dumbocrats each, and flap jack parking decks with 10 burpees at the top.  Gather the PAX at the CPCC sign.
  • Short mosey to Charlottetowne and Elizabeth.
  • AYG up Lizzy to Hawthorne with 5 hand release merkins at each crosswalk and Hawthorne.
  • Mary waiting on the 6.
  • Mosey back home for COT.

Random Observations:

The mumble chatter was sure to be heavy today with Dredd and Micro Slice debating Wells Fargo sales culture PTI style just before launch.  It only continued from there.

Team Rifty was spewing a little hate this morning, mainly directed at YHC.  It was almost a grumpy hate.

Dredd does not have time for a few simple instructions, and apparently has a fondness for Russian Twists.

Checkpoint is a stickler for proper F3 terminology and form, and will correct you if compelled.  He is a #TrueAmerican.

Hillary is not a fan of Dumbocrats (I know, the back thing).

Not sure anyone is a fan of them, but they do whip your a$$ pretty well.

Ballz just quietly leaves everyone in the dust with his “Doe-like” running form (according to Dredd). Dude was flying.

YHC didn’t recognize Hard Hat with all of his rain gear on this morning.  Had no clue he was visiting from Raleigh.  Just thought he was another local PAX YHC had not met.  Always good to have a visitor.  Hopefully he got his money’s worth.

Fast group out there this morning.  Trying to stay in close proximity to the likes of Foul Ball, Lee, Cindy, Micro Slice, etc. is no easy task.  Trying not to lead from the rear.

Don’t forget the 6 at 6 prior to Midwood on Saturdays. Great double down opportunity.

Team Rifty is looking for some Mud Run competition.

Billingsville Tutoring on Wednesdays at 4:30.  We can always use more PAX to help these youngsters if you can spare an hour.

LBJ, thanks for the awesome takeout, and CMD, thanks for the keys this morning.  Always an honor.


One thought on “Rifty Hate

  • April 26, 2018 at 2:23 pm

    You know we love you all. We are just throwing around some hate to see if we can inspire some competition at the USMC Mud Run.

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