A Little More Mosey

9 showed for another perfect morning in the gloom.

Here’s what went down.


  • Mosey down the greenway to Harding Hill for some circuits
  • 10 merkins at the bottom, 10 sumo jump squats at the top.  Down to the bottom of the other side for 10 diamonds.  Back to the top for 10 sumo jump squats, and back down to the bottom where we started.  That’s one round.  We did 3.
  • Mosey back to pick up the late crew.

Main Event:

  • Mosey right on the greeway past Target and stop at 3rd for 15 merkins IC.
  • Mosey up 3rd and weave our way to the Muthaship.
  • Find a friend for some partner work.
  • At the bottom, 10 partner derkins each.  Partner A runs up the spiral, and partner B runs up the stairs.  Partners meet on top for 10 hand slap merkins, then continue down the stairs or spiral.
  • Partners flap jack routes to the top for a second round.
  • Mary whilst collecting the 6.
  • Mosey down 5th and weave our way to the County Govt. Parking Deck.
  • Plankorama at the bottom of the long ramp in the back while waiting on the 6.
  • 1 circuit of the following.  Up the long ramp to the top for 5 sumo jump squats.  Back to the bottom of the ramp for 5 hand release merkins. Up the stairs to the top for 5 burpees and back to the bottom.
  • Plank and shoulder tap merkins while waiting on the 6.
  • Mosey down Trade and make our way to the greenway to head towards home.
  • Stop at the walls behind Petco for 20 dips IC and 15 derkins IC.
  • Mosey down the greenway and back to the lot for COT.


Smallish but mostly regular crew of PAX this morning, although it has been while since YHC had a Snoop siting at Shark Tank.  Decided today would be a good day to do a tour of Uptown from Midtown, which yes, does require a bit of mosey.  Snoop was not the least bit pleased once he realized we were heading for the Mutha, and he MF’n let it be known.  Thought he was going to go straight #pitbull on my a$$, when the door to the stairwell was locked during the first round of the circuit.  The PAX made a nice adjustment, and the door was open for the second round.  Snoop did eventually seem to cool down, but last I checked, we do tend to run a little bit at these boot camp workouts.

Had the opportunity to exchange some Sweet 6 pleasantries with Micro Slice and Fishwrap while spiraling.  They seemed to be having as much fun or more than we were.

Great to see Free Fall (Kotter) out this morning.  Not sure if he’s been posting at other AOs, but he appears to be staying in good shape.  Guy can flat out go when he decides to drop the hammer.

Voorhees informed me that he has been coming to the Mutha some on his own recently, which is a pretty sick thing to do if you ask me.  He was crushing it like he always does.

Steroid has been a Tank regular for a while now, and the man is a beast.  Got him on the Q sheet in late May, so look out for that one.

F3 will be providing a BBQ dinner for the Men’s Shelter at the temporary location on Statesville Ave., on Saturday, May 5th, if you can volunteer to help serve.  More information will be posted on Twitter and the website.

MMOB provided another inspiring takeout.  Thanks again brother!

Always an honor.


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