Dude, are you gellin’?

22 showed at Bastion this morning. Weather was ideal and at least 3 pax I had never met were there, which was pretty cool. Grizzly arrived barefoot and then put his shoes on with no socks….gross. Grapevine had a vintage 1989 Andersen Consulting softball team tshirt on. It was made of cotton, but not organic cotton. People didn’t care about organic back then. Nobody looks more tailored in a tshirt than Grape.


What we did:


4 pax for EC. I told Hollins to get some miles in since I wasn’t going to be able to run much this morning. I assume they ran around for 15 minutes.


Gather the 22 for COP

SSH x 20, Squats x 20, MC x 20

Partner up for later….partners heretofore known as P1 and P2

Mosey over the hotbox and each team grabs a sandrock bag and a cinder block and heads back to the St Gabes lot. Gather at the bottom of the hill and do a little mary while waiting for everyone to arrive

P1 grabs the sandbag and runs to the top of the St Gabes hill for squats x 10 and back down

P2 keeps the cinder block for curls x 20, alternating staggered merkins x 20 and knee ups until P1 gets back. Switch.

Do this 3 times. No, make that 4 times because Coach kept complaining about it

Dolly x 15 or so

Mosey back to the hotbox and replace the coupons

P1 does pullups x 10, squats x 10 and Russian twists until P2 gets back from running the box, hip slappers x 10, and running back. Switch.

Do this twice and then some mary

Then do the pullup/running thing two more times


Mosey back to St Gabes (a LOT of traffic, but we made it)

Backward run up the hill and then some mary

Coach starts flapping his gums again, so run down to the nice part of the parking lot for the SSH/burpee routine up to 11




  • First time posting in a couple months. Mean case of plantar fasciitis, which is still a bit of a problem. Thanks for being patient about the low mileage today. Or happy about it, whatever your preference. PF is no joke. Don’t get this. KY has convinced me that I need to try Chi Running. Now, I usually ignore everything KY says, but I am going to go with this one. Hard to believe the mighty Panda could be hobbled by a little thing like connective tissue. That’s not true. Many things have proven to stand in my way in terms of posting, such as: Less than favorable weather, more than two drinks the previous night, watching a game that lasts past 11:30, the sniffles, a little wink from the M when my alarm goes off….
  • Just kidding. That last thing never happens.
  • Things that have transpired since I last saw you nerds: Dredd got skinny and started doing Spectrum Business commercials, Booty had a goatee and then didn’t have a goatee (3 or 4 times), Belly Itcher lost the last remaining shred of upper body strength and started tweeting pictures of his breakfast, Boba Fett broke ground on his townhouse development, Bullwinkle broke ground on the new F3 pool in his backyard, Panda had a beard and then didn’t (just once), Drone got engaged, Coach sold his family farm, Grizzly completed about a dozen Ruck events (or tweeted one event a dozen times), Fishwrap grew a 5-year beard in just a few months, and Bang Bang Bites turned out to be pure folly and has been revamped into another location for Bang Bang Burgers.
  • EZ and Coach ran in together and ran home together. That is not noteworthy. What IS noteworthy is that Coach whipped off his shirt and ran topless on the way home (presumably). In the list of things I don’t expect or want to see at a F3 workout, Coach’s nipples rank pretty high.
  • I read that the wild Red Wolf population, located in eastern NC, is once again endangered. Seems the government has not been doing its job by sterilizing coyotes. I don’t know how you sterilize coyotes, but wanted to let you know that there is fixin’ to be a big coyote hunt in eastern NC. What could go wrong?
  • Carrying those sandrock bags up and down the St Gabes mountain was harder than I expected.
  • Really glad to be back out there and I hope today doesn’t result in another 2 month setback. Missed the pax a lot.



  • Shout out to Revolution on Saturdays at 7am

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  • April 26, 2018 at 1:05 pm

    Ha! Good to have the Panda Backblast back! For the record they have antimicrobial linings and it was a 30 mile ruck up 7,700 feet with 45#, those stonebags ain’t shyt, #multipletwitterhandlesisconfusingbutgoodforselfpromotion

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