Late, Half-A$$ S6 Backblast

Round 1

Hey Bllz here.  Good evening.

Realized about 9 o’clock last night that the next day (today) was Thursday.  On Thursdays we run a 10k.  Normally I’d put out the route that you all know.  I even take the time to suggest regular or reverse. I’m that kind of guy.

But I failed you.  I’m sorry.

Bad things happen when you don’t do what others are counting on you to do.  It’s like a trust fall gone wrong.

Boy Scout trusted me and he fell and I wasn’t there to catch him.  Sorry Boy Scout, hope your face feels better.

Round 2

Only got 1/2 of the 10k in today.  Pretty sure that’s a 5k or at least close to it.

Dropped the big kid off at Selwyn this morning for his 5th grade field trip to Charleston.  I’ve never heard so much chatter at 5:15A.  Three charter bus loads of awkward 11 year olds.

Got a few shout outs from the other dads.  Appreciated it…but got some interesting looks when they kept hearing people call me “Ballz”.  Two different moms stopped me and asked if I was a chaperone.  No, I say.  Good, they say.



2 thoughts on “Late, Half-A$$ S6 Backblast

  • April 27, 2018 at 10:47 am

    Thanks FB, no apology required and the face does feel better! Many thanks to Ewok and you for the first aid.

    Also $#%&! you to the Morehead sidewalk which jumps up in the dark and slaps me in the face at least once every year or two.

  • April 27, 2018 at 12:34 pm

    A couple of weeks ago, I spotted you from beyond the outfield fence at the Freedom Park Little League fields. You were tinkering around with the pitching machine getting ready for the game to start. I wanted to yell “Balllzzzz!!”, but that seemed a tad inappropriate for the Moms in the bleachers. Then I thought, just yell “Foul Ball”, but then I would just be a crazy guy heckling the umpire from center field. Then I thought, just yell “Taylor”… but that wouldn’t make any f*ckin sense, you’re Ballz…
    Open to any suggestions on how to handle such situations going forward…

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