19 men decided that there were Sparta this morning.  Here is what we did:

The Thang:

Run from base camp over to “base” of McDonald & Magnolia with stops for SSHs, squats and plank-o-rama

McDonald Massacre:  Run up McDonald to Lyndhurst (~400m), 10 Peter Parker/Spiderman merkins, run down to Magnolia, 10 sumo jump squats…with escalating burpees on run up in the middle … x7

Mary whilst we collect and recuperate:  dollies – hold ’em – flutters – LBCs

Run back to rock pile near base camp:  grab a rock and execute 21-15-9-5 combo of thrusters and chgerkins

AYG up the parking lot hill to base camp

COT (Barney with the take-out)

Naked Moleskin:

Take Your Time…We’re Here For You…As Long as We See You.  PBo being PBo means he is going to be late.  Sure enough, as we are running out of the parking lot, here comes PBo driving in.  He didn’t exactly tear out of his car with apologies to catch up (also, PBo being PBo), but he eventually caught up.  Apparently, Uncle Rico was also late with an FNG who arrived on the wrong side of the parking lot (doh!) – but they never found us, which may have ultimately been their gain (and possibly saved the FNG from punching Uncle Rico in the mouth at COT).

#InfinityWar.  We returned to the scene of the crime from one of my previous Q-pocalypses, running up and down McDonald.  #SouthDilLurker  Was hoping to maybe get to 10 rounds (~5 miles), which I knew was aggressive.  In all likelihood, we could’ve gotten 8 or maybe 9 in (definitely 10 if we ran it #YoungGuns style) … but I decided to stick with 7 rounds.  #WorstJacob’sLadderEver  Thin Slice cheated on his reps (possibly) and relied on his half marathon and voodoo training (most likely) to steal the gold from YHC, but lots of strong efforts out there from the front to the back of the Pax.  That was a real slog no matter how many times you got up that damn hill.  I think everybody got at least 5 loops in … and my watch logged 4.7 miles total.

So Glad to See You!  Vamos was most definitely not happy to see me as Q today, even sending me some hate email later today to express his displeasure and to show where I ranked on his all-time hate list.  (It’s very high.  #Laettner-esque)  As a veteran Q, I of course took that as a compliment and as affirmation of a solid Q.

Thoughts and Prayers.  Please keep Missing De and his family in your prayers and let him we are there for him as they are dealing with the unexpected death of his dad last week.  Likewise, please keep Pate’s 2.0 Theo in your prayers as he is dealing with some health issues.

Shameless Plugs.  Thin Slice is leading Revolution tomorrow … Vamos is leading Latta (promised < 1 mile of running) … and YHC is leading Mustang … among several other AO options tomorrow.  #PickYourPoison

Thanks, Thin Slice, for vetoing Doobie and letting me Q.  Always a pleasure to bring some good fun to the boys of Sparta.


“The mind is everything. What you think you become.”  —Buddha

One thought on “#McDonaldMassacre

  • April 27, 2018 at 8:51 pm

    Apt back-blast title and lets hope this hashtag doesn’t start trending around Sparta. #neveragain. #millenniallingo

    Deceptively long and steep hill that one. Great lead Lee.

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